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Temporary Home

Released Feb 04, 2010


i love your music

All Three Different People
Stories behind the scene
I know what it feels like to be somethin

1. I have a foster brother who lived with us for past years and he's
married to his wife. I'm happy for him now

2. My mom and I are having a hard time finding jobs until she had the
opportunity to help me with all the programs since for the longest. It's
devastating but it's a blessing to be with the goodwill people. Still, I'm only 31 years old.

3. We lost our best friend name mark lee and he got into an accident. So he passed away. It's hard without changing the future!

This song never gets old. It is truly beautiful and Carrie sings it perfectly. I forgot how much I loved this song and how much it meant to my family til I finally got to see Carrie perform live last night in Milwaukee. My mom listened to this song every single day when she was in the hospital with Leukemia. She couldn't make it to the concert but I know I Carrie sing it with so much passion that my mom could hear it. I hope one day, we get the chance to meet you Carrie and tell you how much of an inspiration you are!!

amazing song truly inspiring

I saw you the first time on the Carnival Ride tour in Portland Or. in 2008. My Mom told me she would like to see you so I told her next time you toured I would take her with me. She passed away in 2009 around the time the Play On album came out. This song has touched me more than you could possibly know. I had to pull my car over a few times when it came on the radio because of the beautiful lyrics. I saw you again on the Play On tour in 2010 in Portland and last year in 2012 for the Blown Away tour. I cried my eyes out both times you sang it. It is by far the best song you have ever recorded. Thank you so much for it. I now hear it and cry happy tears knowing she's with God and someday I'll see her again. Thank you Carrie!

Carrie this song really touches home i had a tear running down my eye. when you talked to the man in the hospital bed made me think of my brother dieing of cancer. I'm a christian and had a calling to go to him and get my brother to accept Christ before he died. Thanks for such a wonderful song. I some how new you where a star from the beginning of Ameican Idol. Keep up the good work. Since then i have been involved with my church in the Worship Arts ministries and Missions. Love to invite you to check out facebook orbc worship arts page Oak Ridge Baptist Church Salisbury Md God Bless you..

I really like this song. Thumbs up!

This is by far my favorit song. Being a single mother is the hardest thing i've done but the most rewarding. I've seen and lived the lonelyness and the shame of living in shelters and I have been at the receiving end of a violent fist and abusive hand once too many times. Although those were my darkest days...they were temporary. Home is what I have created with my son and daughter. There are still things I am not the most proud of.. you can get so lost in trying to keep up float that you forget what is important... my children. When i feel overwhelmed and feel like im loosing grip, that is when i take a step back and listen to your song "Jesus take the wheel" it reminds me that I am not alone...if I choose not to be. It makes me cry everytime as I long so much to trust that it will be enough. Your faith and Mike's inspires me.
God Bless xo

CARRIE when i heard this song it reminded me of my past.
This wonderful song that you have sang is great. it iis only a remender of who we really are. This song really touched me because
i have had such a rough past, and yuo really are a great person to look up to. I am so sorry about your grandfather passing away
at leats he is in a better place

This Is a wonderful video it is...... BEAUTIFUL. I Love you Carrie Underwood you are my Idol.

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