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See You Again

Released Jun 07, 2013


you are a beautiful person and you seem to be very religious and i love I will see you again. My youngest daughter Hiedi passed away 5 yrs ago from type 1 diabetes at the age of 26 and it reminds me a lot of her when i hear it makes it a lot easier. there are so many young kids dying from this disease all the way from 6months to 30. they die in there sleep sometimes , my daughter went into a coma and never woke up as she also had the flu and she thought she could kick it as she had before but she never made it. I love all your music i started listening to you when i bought the Cd of "Jesus take the wheel" love that song also keep up the good work you were blessed with a beautiful voice thank you for sharing it with us.

You are an amazing singer !

I play this song whenever i am missing my mom. It makes me cry every time but makes me think of how i will always carry a piece of her with me.

first time i heard this song it was ironically playing at the same time that i found out over the phone my friends dad had died. i showed her this song and it gave her hopes for better days to come. thank you Carrie you are an amazing person with a beautiful voice.

Dear Carrie
I heard this song for the first time when I was on my way to Herman Memorial hospital after my son had been shot and was being Lifeflighted. I walked in a few seconds after it happened and was able to use my CPR skills to save him. He was in the hospital 6 weeks. He lost 1/4 if his lung, a kidney and 1/2 his liver. He is a walking miracle! The Doctors were awesome! The words you sang are almost identically to the words I was saying to him while I was waiting for the EMS to arrive. I heard this song every time I got in the car to drive to see him. It's our song!! And you sing it beautifully, as you do all your music! You are a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for being you!!

Thank you such a beautiful song the timing of it was perfect for me and my husband. Our dog Maggie had cancer and we had to let her go on July 31st. She was only 10. She came to us 5 years ago and we fell in love with her immediately. She brought us so much joy. We miss her so much. Your song has been helping because we know we will see her again. The line about sometimes I feel like my heart is breaking but I stay strong helps. She was our baby girl. Just like family. I want to put your song to photos of her. Can I do that and post it as a tribute to her? I use the song all the time to get through everyday. I wake up and go to sleep with your song in my head and visions of Maggie. The song is on my mind most of the day also. Thank you again. I heard the song on your album a while ago and it already helped with missing my parents and other family members and friends that have passed on. Loosing Maggie has been so hard.
Serena Leigh

Thank you for a beautiful song and an equally touching video. I lost my daughter 10 years ago this Christmas and not a day goes by that I don't believe I will see her again. I cry everytime I watch this video. Thank you so much.


I love your music, you are a great entertainer but not only that but an inspiration to young girls. I truly love the song "See you again". I lost my husband 2 and 1/2 years ago from cancer complications, this song reminds me of how I feel everyday, we were married 2 months short of being our 32nd anniversary. Thank you so much it is so beautiful. God Bless you.

This is one of your best songs ever Carrie. The minute I heard it, I knew it would be my favorite off of Blown Away and was hoping it would be released as a single. Thank you for that. I have been a fan since my husband and I first saw you on American Idol and we knew you would win way before Simon's prediction. Since then, you have truly blossomed into a true performer. I saw your show in Vegas on March 2nd and I was blown away again by your outstanding vocals. God bless

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