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Greatest Hits: Decade #1

Our Hollywood Idol Days '04

Our Hollywood Idol Days '04

Carrie and I had breakfast together the morning of day 1 Hollywood auditions. We had prayer together as well to calm our nerves - she, I, and a group of a few others. Sweet girl! Would love to get in touch.


I love a girl who prays

when you were touring for american idol we got backstage passes and i still have your autograph hung on my wall lol i'm a small town girl too that loves country music

did u make it into AI?


Carrie you look as adorable as usual. I really love and miss you. I hope one day soon you and I could pray together and hang out. You look adorable in this photo! Can I please buy the engagement ring? LOL (My heart yearns to make you my girl) Your friend has pretty eyes and hair in this photo also as well as a great smile. This is a good picture of you two. I guess it was from American Idol hugh? Your hair looks soft and pretty in this photo. I love your smile too. You look very sweet in this photo. It makes me miss you Carrie. I love you. I adore you. Please call me today. Love, Bryan

( I thought I was fine, was having a wonderful day,lol. Then I saw your face and your smile. Oh God I love this girl ! Muah ! XOX ! I need you baby.)

Stop the torture! Please Marry me !
OK, I quit begging now. I assure you I am OK. Time to be a man. I just want you to know we could have a love that would endure a lifetime. Love is a terrible thing to waste. Will you conserve mine?

Bryan Garten

Wow thats really neat! Carrie definitely has transformed since her Idol days!! Thats awesome!

:.:If we Leave Tonight:.:
.:.And Drive Fast Enough.:.
:.:All Our Troubles Will be just like us:.:
.:.Long Gone Baby.:. <3

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