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Carrie Underwood Discussion

Christmas Album?

Other than myself, who thinks it would be really cool if Carrie made a Christmas album next year?


I would love it! Of course I love Carrie's rockin' country voice, but I find myself getting drawn into her hymns and Christmas songs too!

ABSOLUTELY – Her vocals are the best in all Genres at this time and I can only imagine what a “Carrie Underwood – Classic Christmas” would sound like. I would hope that she would include “Mary Did You Know” on the CD. I promise you I would buy multiple copies and give them as early Christmas presents to family and friends. This would without a doubt be my favorite Christmas CD and I would probably have a copy in my truck, my wife car, and at home. I hope Carrie or either her producer or manager hears our request and starts working on it.

Dennis Dworaczyk
New Iberia, LA.

I asked that back on page 2. So you've got my vote, but with all the Christmas classics, not some of those we're not familiar with. I sure hope she does too.
I'd also like to see her have a Christmas special next year with singers like Clay Akin, Kelly Pickler and some of the other Idols, and her family too. I think she'd get lots of viewers, I know I sure would.

I think it would be cool! Laughing out loud I would so get it!


On iTunes, there is a CD called Country Christmas or something like that and Carrie is singing Do You Hear What I Hear! It is amazing, but you can only get the song if you buy thre whole album, which sucks.

ABSOLUTELY!!!! She did that one song and its on my radio station a lot but I would LOVE a Christmas classic It would surely be my new favorite chrismas CD

Loyal Fan since the very first tryout on AMERICAN IDOL

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