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The Sound of Music Live! Starring Carrie Underwood Soars to #1 with 18.5 Million Viewers!

<strong><em>The Sound of Music Live!</em> Dominated Thursday Night Ratings, Surpassing <em>The Big Bang Theory</em> and
Earning NBC’s Best Non-Sports Thursday Ratings Since <em>ER</em> and <em>Frasier</em> Finales</strong><br /><br />
Six-time GRAMMY® winner Carrie Underwood took on the starring role of Maria in last night’s three-hour television production, <em>The Sound of Music Live!</em>, based on the original musical, and fans tuned-in en masse for the special event, with 18.5 million viewers solidifying a #1 primetime win for NBC across all half hours of the broadcast. <br />
<br />
<em>The Sound of Music Live!</em> dominated the night, delivering NBC’s best 18-49 non-sports Thursday ratings average since the 2009 series finale of <em>ER</em>, and also earning NBC its best non-sports Thursday rating in total viewers since the Frasier season finale in 2004.<br />
<br />
The Sound of Music Live! not only ranked #1 primetime in all 56 Nielsen-metered markets, but also became the first show since May of 2012 to surpass <em>The Big Bang Theory</em> in P2+ ratings.<br />
<br />
Also starring TV and theater star Stephen Moyer and Tony Award winners Audra McDonald, Christian Borle and Laura Benanti, <em>The Sound of Music Live!</em> will be released on DVD on December 17.<br />
<br />
“The Sound of Music” — Music from the NBC Television Event was released earlier this week from Sony Masterworks, featuring studio recordings for all of the musical numbers performed by the cast in the live broadcast, including such Rodgers &amp; Hammerstein favorites as “My Favorite Things,” “Do-Re-Mi,” and the classic title track. Download the Soundtrack <a href="http://smarturl.it/soundofmusicdig">Here.</a><br />
<br />
Since releasing her debut album in 2005, Carrie has sold over 15 million albums and charted 18 #1 singles, nine of which she co-wrote. Her current album, Blown Away, made history by debuting at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart, making Carrie only the second country artist in the 47-year history of the chart to have each of their first four albums debut at #1. The now Platinum-selling Blown Away album also debuted at #1 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart, making Carrie only the second country artist in history to have three consecutive albums debut at #1. She is a six-time GRAMMY® winner, a two-time Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year, a three-time Country Music Association and ACM Female Vocalist winner, and a proud member of the Grand Ole Opry.


Dear ?Carrie. As an old grizzled Veteran biker I have to say that your songs in the Sound of Music brought the same tears to my eyes that the original did when I watched it on ABC last night.
I listened to those songs being sung by my Julliard Talented Mother as she played and sang them when I was growing up. They brought back the best memories of my childhood to me.
I too am a musician of some aplomb but never made the big time. I appreciate all you have done for music and for the Christian way you treat your detractors.
God Bless You and yours in this Christmas Season.
With love and respect
Yurs in Christ
Steve Thunderstixx
Houston TX

Dear Carrie,

I have to add some further comments to my previous ones.
After Julie Andrews had finished trashing your performance, the interviewer said to her "If people think her [Carrie's] acting was bad, then more people will love you, right [!?!] Julie Andrews looked down and didn't respond to that because the interviewer really hit the nail on the head with truth.
Carrie, you brought an incredible depth, GOODNESS, beauty, innocence, KINDNESS, and GOD'S LIGHT into your performance - as opposed to Julie Andrews' good but too often glib and surface [by comparison] performance.
The people who will most appreciate your interpretation of the role of Maria are those who ALSO have depth, goodness, beauty, innocence, and God's light shining through THEM.
We know that in the world there are "children of light" and "children of darkness" [and probably "children of grayness" - my own expression.] The truth is that children of darkness CANNOT STAND children of light. If you observe what happens in schools and in workplaces, you SEE that good people can work with lousy people BUT lousy people cannot tolerate working with good people. That's because (without intending to) good people seemingly hold up a "mirror" to the other people - and lousy people cannot stand to see their own "reflections". They know that they lack a fundamental goodness, beauty, and strength - and they don't have the courage to obtain these qualities. They are too self-centered and afraid of ridicule. So, instead, they try to "drum" the good ones out.
We each have a mission(s) in life assigned by God. ONE of your missions, Carrie, is to BRING God's KINDNESS, caring, truth, RESPECT, beauty, and GOODNESS to people through your personality and courage AND your singing, song writing, and phenomenal acting/interpretation. Your wholesome and deep acting is going to be rebuked at times by people who lack those qualities (whether they know WHY they're doing it or not.)
STAY STRONG Carrie. People will be touched by your music and acting now AND for decades into the future! In fact, the recordings and filmed performances you make will be around a lot longer than you live.
STAY TRUE to your beautiful, good, true and wholesome interpretations of things. STAY TRUE to what YOU KNOW is goodness and truth. You were given extraordinary talent in MUSIC AND ACTING for a reason. STAY TRUE to being good - and to NOT BEING AFRAID to be good (as so many others are.) STAY FAITHFUL to being a light of God to others. If adults are not "good", who will be the role models for today's children and young adults?
The REST OF THE CAST in the Sound of Music Live were also FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Stephen Moyer was SENSATIONAL as the Captain (much better than Christopher Plummer.) Stephen, like you Carrie, put so much HEART and EXPRESSION into his performance! Audra, Laura, Christian, the children, and everyone else were AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL AND MULTI-TALENTED. WHAT INCREDIBLE FEELING AND TRUTH WAS CONVEYED IN THIS PRODUCTION!!
The Sound of Music Live is a MASTERPIECE that people will thoroughly enjoy and be touched by for DECADES TO COME. It will bring song, light, and life into people's lives every Christmas for many years into the future.
I hope the INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCES by all the cast members will open many other doors for them in the future - for their sake and for OURS!


I am a fan of Broadways musicals, the Beatles, and now Carrie Underwood. I grew up in NYC where my english teachers in Jr. and Sr. high would take us to the city to see a Broadway show.It was magic. I still go once or twice a year to take in a broadway show. . I don't think you might be able to fathom yet what your undertaking and the thousands that were involved in this production will mean to the millenials and younger generations who had no exposure to the Sound of Music and Rodgers and Hammerstein. You brought it into their homes and introduced these beautiful songs to a new generation while making those of us who were fans of the original movie delight in the live tv version. I was rooting for you the whole night. You blew my socks off hitting that high note in Do-Re-Mi. The innocence of Maria shined through your interpretation of what she was going through. At least one request, please continue the music which I know is your core but please cut an album, maybe with you, Audra, Laura and Arianne around broadway musical numbers. I can just hear it now as you sing, "I could have danced all night". I am also at the age where one is not supposed to like change.To which I say, poppycock or something stronger. Thank God for change otherwise I would never have had the experience of being introduced to your talents but most of all, your heart.


I really hope that Carrie sees this. She has been receiving unfair and stupid criticism. But let's face it, whenever someone really stands out in life as doing something OUTSTANDING, you have other people who just can't stand it. We have to pray for unhappy, offensive people.
The first Sound of Music with Julie Andrews was like an "institution" in our family. We saw the movie in the theater; saw it many times thereafter, and played the music for decades. BUT, I have to tell you the truth in that Carrie was BETTER than Julie Andrews. (And we love Julie Andrews.) Carrie's voice is much better. Carrie's acting portrayed much more DEPTH than Julie Andrews' performance. Carrie has a special quality about her that Julie Andrews lacks. (I've just been through the worst year of my life, and something about Carrie's performance really touched me and comforted me after the hell.) Just because something came FIRST and people are accustomed to it DOESN'T mean it was better than a later version. In this case, the later version was BETTER than the first one! Carrie, thank you for an OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE and EXCEPTIONAL SINGING. You are a SUPERSTAR - both in singing AND ACTING. God bless you! Continue to spread the word about Jesus. Some souls will be saved from going to hell for all eternity because of YOUR witness to JESUS CHRIST'S LOVE. We'll hear A LOT more about you in the future. Your future is VERY BRIGHT in acting as well as singing. Good luck and THANK YOU Carrie! Please take everything I've said to heart. (I'm so tired of JEALOUS and untalented people spewing forth their venom on everyone else!)

Carrie; You are awesome!!!!! I have loved you from American Idol ( I have to confess I wanted the rocker to win but when you did your final performance on the show, you outshinned him and I voted for you and have been a fan ever since, even though I am not a country music lover I love your music) Your performance on the sound of music live was OUTSTANDING! Please do not listen to those so called critics, I never listen to them. Listen to your public YOU WERE AWESOME, and this will go down in tme as a wonderful tradition for the holidays. You brought a beautiful innosence to Maria that brought me to tears. I put the DVD on my Christmas list so I can watch this wonderful production all through the year. You and all your fellow actors and actresses did award winning performanses in my estimation. Blessings to you all and thank you NBC for daring to tackle this, and thank you NBC for choosing Carrie, you are smarter than any critic. Nancy

Carrie; You are awesome!!!!! I have loved you from American Idol ( I have to confess I wanted the rocker to win but when you did your final performance on the show, you outshinned him and I voted for you and have been a fan ever since, even though I am not a country music lover I love your music) Your performance on the sound of music live was OUTSTANDING! Please do not listen to those so called critics, I never listen to them. Listen to your public YOU WERE AWESOME, and this will go down in tme as a wonderful tradition for the holidays. You brought a beautiful innosence to Maria that brought me to tears. I put the DVD on my Christmas list so I can watch this wonderful production all through the year. You and all your fellow actors and actresses did award winning performanses in my estimation. Blessings to you all and thank you NBC for daring to tackle this, and thank you NBC for choosing Carrie, you are smarter than any critic. Nancy

You Were Amazing In TSOM Girl!!!

I watched Sound of Music Live! twice. As Austrian (who has worked for six years in Salzburg) I am so proud of this patriotic story. Ms. Underwood you were wonderful! I hope you will come again to Austria and stay a bit longer. You will love it.

Girl, it was awesome. You rocked it with the style and grace it deserved.

Way to go!!!

Dear Ms. Underwood,

First and foremost, thank you! My thanks goes out to you and to everyone involved in the production. All of you had the courage to take on a LIVE production, with an audience of unimaginable scale. That's extremely impressive, and took fortitude, faith, and courage. I don't normally send messages like this, but seeing such harsh, unwarranted words and the hurt they cause prompted me to respond. Seeing what has been posted here, I see that many others feel the same way.

It's easy for this generation to send hurtful words from behind a smart phone or computer...but very hard for them to step forward and communicate in a personal, meaningful way.

Like others, I have seen the stage version, and the movie. I was curious how the live production would deal with logistics like the timing needed for commercial breaks, etc. There were many unique challenges presented by this live production, and I thought that all of you worked hard to bring us something very special and rare, a live theater performance on a national scale. That's something we don't see in our "modern" television world, and it was a joy to experience. Think of all of the people this production reached who don't have the opportunity to experience the theater in person, or at least don't get to enjoy that experience often. You brought us a fresh delivery of an old favorite in a very special way. Your voice is lovely, and even though it is my understanding that you have not had much training as an actor, you brought an innocence to the role that the real Maria would have had at her age and with her background. It was fresh, and enjoyable.

Thank you for helping to create this special experience for the rest of us.

My family adores you for the person you are. Your performance and the entire "live" show was simply magnificent.
As I watched your performance and that of your fellow cast members I was taken back to 1965 when my 3 sisters and 2 brothers took our pregnant mother to see the Julie Andrews and cast perform the original. I am convinced Julie would be proud of the "live" rendition of such a classic.
I've been performing "live" with Croatian folk groups since I was 9 years old. It ain't easy but I love doing it.
The world does not need movie/theater critics. Their opinions are like a one person Gallup Poll- not relevant to my life.
Everything in life stands or falls on it's own merits. Your rendition will stand the test of time and my family and I can't wait for your next movie which we hope you will take to the Big Screen.
God Bless you and all of your loved ones.
Nikola, Aliquippa, PA.

I have not been a fan of yours before - not because I dislike your music but because I seldom listen to C/W. But I am a fan now after watching you in The Sound of Music. You have a tremendous voice, and despite a lack of formal dramatic training or experience in theatre your performance as Maria was enjoyable, believable and at times excellent. I can't say you were "great" in the role, but you elicited an emotional response in me, and you clearly have talent as an actress that can be developed if you choose to pursue it. I admire you for taking the great risk you did. It's not easy taking on a role that is so associated with and bound to be compared to another actress, particularly in a live performance where there are no second takes, no over-dubbing, no on-location filming and no post-production tinkering and finessing. I applaud you.

Hi Carrie - Thank you for being a major part of the success of The Sound of Music on television this past week. I thought the production was wonderful and I believe you truly did an excellent job!
I am a 66-year old male and saw The Sound of Music at the Fox Wilshire Theater and also the Carthay Circle Theater (Hollywood area) about three or four times in the mid-sixties. To date, it is my favorite movie of all time, and I don't believe anything will every surpass it. I'm so glad that the producers didn't try to remake the movie . . . it just couldn't be done. What they did do, however, was to bring the play on stage alive to 18.5 million households! The Rogers & Hammerstein music is timeless, the set design was superb and all in all . . .you and the others involved with The Sound of Music Live! brought joy and happiness into many homes when there is very little TV that families can enjoy together.
I'm confident that many DVDs will be sold at Wal-Mart (primary sponsor) and many other retailers . . . especially during these holidays. Again, GREAT JOB and I applaud you for your wonderful performance. You, the other actors and actresses, and the people behind the curtains did a tremendous job of bringing this great play to so many people. Thanks Again. Dick Mitchell

Carrie - Since I'm in my 50s, I have fond memories of seeing the theater version of the Sound of Music in my early childhood. And I've seen the movie several times since. But nothing moved me more than your recent live version. I have been in a show choir in the past, so I know how challenging it is to both sing and act at the same time. But to do it live in front of millions like you did...unbelievable! I cried throughout the production. I was apart from my wife, working, and this so moved me that I quit my remote job, caught the next flight home, and now pray that I can find a local job so that my wife and I (and the family) can be together. The love that I felt in this show was so powerful and beautiful. I want that in my marriage always. Thanks for taking a huge risk and blessing so many lives such as mine.

Carrie, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your performance as Maria. Your singing was marvelous as always. God has truly blessed you and given you a great gift. I think critics forgot that Maria is a nun, and a nun is a person of God, they have a great heart and are very kind and thoughtful and you accomplished that in your part of Maria. I thought your connection with the children was awesome. Keep on climbing forward and let God guide your steps.

Your Sound of Music performance was OUTSTANDING!

Carrie, you did an amazing performance. LIVE!!! Running up and down those stairs, jumping on the bed, dancing without missing a step in the choreography, and still belt out those songs without missing a note is a feat that is incredible. You have every right to be proud of your performance. I applaud your stellar performance. Thoroughly enjoyable, and wholesome family entertainment.

Thursday night we were all blessed to see something very different.

I’ve been studying women in film since the 1970s so I know a fresh take on an old warhorse of a part when I see one. Clearly this performance was directed towards the very young and the very young at heart and I’m sure there are millions of both who have fallen in love with this newest incarnation of Maria. There are probably very small children who now think Carrie/Maria is something like the newest Disney Princess and will have to grow up with the DVD before straightening it out. Even when they do, they’ll retain their earliest impression along with their new understanding, just as I have dim magical memories of Mary Martin as Peter Pan that viewing as an adult can’t erase.

I never watch TV anymore but wouldn’t have missed this for anything.

God bless her and her family.

Ms. Underwood, as a result of seeing all these stories and reports about your performance of the Sound of Music on Thursday being so negative I felt I was compelled to write this note. I don't know if you read these things or not, but I guess it gives me a chance to just vent then, but - I don't know what they were hearing or seeing. I was very impressed with your performance. Your voice is beautiful. It's so natural. Too many " trained" performers sound fake. You have a voice that really fit. Very impressed with your attitude following the negativity. Continued success in all you do.

Please know that your were wonderful in your live performance of "The Sound of Music".
Thank you for taking the risk! It took courage and you pulled it off nicely! It was a most enjoyable night for our entire family. You brought smiles to our faces.
Your role as Maria was completely believable and very well done. The songs just blew us away. Excellent!
Thank you for a memorable night. We will be purchasing the DVD.

Just watched The Sound of Music. Haven't seen any reviews,
but I thought it was amazing & Carrie Underwood, along with
the rest of the cast, did an incredible job!

What a wonderful night! You made Maria come to life all over again. Great production and it was so worth watching. You should be very proud!

Dear Carrie,
Pay no attention to people who didn't like "Sound of Music, Live." People that expected another Julie Andrews close their minds to the beauty of your voice and face. I thought you carried the songs over extremely well and was surprised at the high notes you could hit! I thought you did an excellent job, as well as the children that portrayed Captain Von Trapps children. The nuns did an excellent job, as well as the mother superior, what a great voice she had! I hope you won't get discouraged by the small minded people. I loved it so much I can't wait to buy a copy.
Love ya,

You blew my socks off!

The negative critics obviously never participated in musicals in high school and would never even TRY to do this as adults. They don't have the talent or the voice to pull it off. They are also uneducated in the difference between the stage production and the movie. The movie was adapted from the stage version. Sure Julie Andrews was phenomenal in the MOVIE and the movie is a classic. Ms. Andrews had the opportunity to redo any mistakes and the editors cut out anything less than perfect. It wasn't filmed in 3 hours or less. It took days and if someone need a break during filming, they were got it.

You're version will also be a classic for generations because it was LIVE and you too were phenomenal!

It not easy singing ON KEY, dancing, acting, and hitting your marks for the cameras and knowing millions are watching and knowing mistakes can't be undone.

I'd love to see you tackle other musicals!

Critics are nuts. You were great in Sound of Music. I LOVED IT. Never stop trying new things. Your talent will carry you through

My husband and I loved your performance in the Sound of Music. Your voice is beautiful; thank you for sharing that talent.
Never give up, climb every mountain.

AWESOME You were so good. I loved every minute of it. I thought you did a better job than Julie Andrews, way more chemistry with the Captain and the KIDS. LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH

My friends (both female and male) LOVED you in The Sound of Music. You should be very proud of yourself - you did an swesome job. Please ignore the mean comments and concentrate on the good ones. You are so awesome and have one of the best voices ever! Smiling

All my girlfriends (and a lot of guys I know) LOVED you in The Sound of Music. You did an awesome job. Please ignore the mean comments and reviews and just concentrate on the good comments and reviews. I agree with jmc4604 - you should be very proud of yourself. Smiling

Could not wait to see the Live show and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. You did a fabulous job!! As well as the rest of the cast. Thank you so much for bringing this to a venue that ALL could watch and enjoy!

Even though I'm not a country fan, I've been proud of your success since idol. When I watched "Sound of Music" I was blown away by your singing. You did great.If you wish to pursue acting, you need a little training, but I'm sure you know that. Here's a piece of advice from someone who is old enough to be your Grandfather. Don't listen to those around you who are always complimenting you or those who are always negative. Those people just want something from you or are jealous of your success.

Old Bob

Carrie terrific performance. Absolutely loved u in this. Do more musicals !mother superior was awesome as well as rest of cast . Great

All I can say is Wow!!! After hearing the critics and mean reviews about the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood I was apprehensive to say the least about watching my recorded show. And I LOVE Carrie! But they just HAD to be wrong about what they said, right? Well, after the first song Carrie did, I was in tears! It was incredible! But of course!! I'm 61 years old and had seen the Julie Andrews version many, many years ago, and that was a MOVIE, not a LIVE stage production. A totally different concept. I was expecting the worst, BUT got the BEST!!! The sets were beautiful, the cast was simply amazing and they fit together like a really believable family, their angelic voices touched my heart and the whole production was incredible! I think it was a testimony to the original movie with Julie Andrews that this show related more to this NEW generation that may never have ever seen the movie, and does not know the story and history behind the movie. But might actually get young people (who love Carrie Underwood) to check out what actually happened to the von Trapp family and the Trapp family singers as they made their way to America to flee Hitler and the German occupation. Carrie should be so proud of the job she did here and "blessed" by the many hearts she touched (including mine). Thank you for standing up against the nay sayers. I'm praying God continues His great work in you, Carrie...

Thank you Carrie. You shared your gift in a different venue with the "Sound of Music", as God directs us to do. We all have a gift, and are to share it in any way possible. Keep following His path for you.

<p>What a classy act by a classy gal! The Sound of Music live performance was something that everyone should see! Why, you ask? Because today’s young people are inundated with television, internet and movies via theaters or DVDs/streaming. To watch a live performance is truly special. The sets were very nice and the actors were great!</p>
<p>Carrie sang wonderfully and had to sing several octaves which possibly put a strain on her vocal chords. However, she did it like a professional—which she is. For those critics who said they didn’t like the performance, I have a question for you: how well do YOU perform for 3 hours straight in front of a live audience with no chance to edit your work?</P>
<p>Continued praise for a job very well done, Carrie! God gave you a gift which you have shared with others, and you walked the walk; talked the talk, and sang the song! So very pleased with you!!!</P>

The Sound of Music is my favorite musical and no one can compare to Ms. Andrews, however your performance and voice were fantastic. I enjoyed the show and believe you have been given many blessings. Continue to use your God given talents. DAF

I truly enjoyed watching the behind the scenes leading up to the Live performance. Having been a lover of the original, which was not live and benefitted from being able to do retakes and did not have to not only sing, act, but deal with stage props being constantly in motion and multiple camera and stage personnel to contend with. Ms. Andrews was and is a legend in her own right but you will and have joined her on many plains. I had the pleasure of watching you win American Idol and the growth, grace, loyalty to not only your fans and the show, but to yourself. Your abilities to appeal to a variety of audiences but also as a hostess. Many may think you are just an entertainer but you are not only that but so much more, intelligent, faithful, beautiful in a complete way. You are truly the whole package, so continue to be true to yourself. I watched and truly entertained by all the performers as well as the modification to the story line. Bravo

Bless you Carrie for taking this risk. What a wonderful outcome it is! Stay strong, stay true...all the best to you and family. Merry Christmas.

Bless you Carrie for taking this risk. What a wonderful outcome it is! Stay strong, stay true...all the best to you and family. Merry Christmas.

Wonderful job! My wife and I enjoyed watching your performance and it could not have been better. I was a huge fan of Julie Andrews in the original SOM and your performance in front of a live audience was fun to watch.

My wife and I both liked you in The Sound of Music. We were very happy with your performance and you should be also. Craig&Cheryl

My family really enjoyed the live performance of The Sound of Music. It was finally some entertainment to watch. I loved the lighting, the missteps (very few), the background roar. Made us feel a part of the performance. You were brave to take the part. I hope you always stay just the way you are - Genuine.


Bravo cara mia',Bravo...

And shame on those who judged you harshly. They need to remember your are not a trained broadway performer but a trained singer. And an extremly good one at that. As a child I watched Julie Andrews in this role and her voice, musically she was a hard act to follow. But, I'll be damned, you did it. Your voice was every bit a sweet and lifting as Ms. Andrews. And, you sang from your heart, a heart that watch and sang along as a child.

Make no bones about it. It took stones and guts to take on the role and put it all out there for everyone to see. And, live on TV no less. Well done..

And to those who where mean.. Let me know when your going to get on TV and perform a role of equal magnetude.

I just wanted you to know that my wife and I really enjoyed your performance in "The Sound of Music". I have to give you credit for taking on such a well-known role knowing there would be millions of people comparing you to Julie Andrews. You did yourself proud & to heck with the naysayers! If you ever need a piano player... Smiling
Mike & Terri

Carrie, let me start by saying I am not a country music fan, I am a HUGE Julie Andrews fan, and I loved the 1965 SOM movie and cast. Even with all that, I thought you and the cast did a wonderful job Thursday night! I loved your acting even more than your singing, which was outstanding, by the way. I really did not expect you to carry the songs even close to as well as you did. You did yourself proud! BTW, the critics didn't like the 1965 SOM movie, either - the fans just brushed them aside. My wife just told me that she also enjoyed it, and kudos to you for taking the risk!

Dear Carrie,

You were absolutely wonderful in "The Sound of Music"! I admire your courage to tackle that role on live television. You performed not only beautifully, but with grace and courage in the face of such unreasoning opposition. Your co-star Stephen Moyer deserves great credit as well. God bless you and keep you. You have made many new fans!

With great regard,
Lisa Smith

Hi Carrie (and everyone else involved with Carrie's participation in "The Sound Of Music"),

As the son of a first-call vocal musician in New York City during the 1950's and 1960's, and as a performing musician for many years at a major Central Florida theme park, I am pleased to say, with GREAT GUSTO, that you delivered a FANTASTIC performance during the live broadcast of the "Sound of Music" last evening (12/5), as did all of the other actors and actresses. Smiling

If anyone has anything negatively critical to say about your performance (or anyone else's), they're probably not aware of what it takes to deliver a great performance, live, and on-demand-in-person.

If you weren't happy with any flaws in your acting or singing, they were easily overlooked in the context of your overall performance.

Congratulations, and kudos to you, and all of the other actors and actresses (and production crew) involved with the production of such an AWESOME and difficult musical.

The Fat Old Curly-Headed Guy Dancing With The Steel Drum

Great job Carrie, on your performance in the Sound of Music! I enjoyed it very much and applaud who you are as a person, your courage, your faith, your kindness, and your immense talent that you so gracefully share! Please always keep looking skyward and keep "climbing every mountain and fording every stream"! I wish for you all that is good in life.

Great job Carrie, on your performance in the Sound of Music! I enjoyed it very much and applaud who you are as a person, your courage, your faith, your kindness, and your immense talent that you so gracefully share! Please always keep looking skyward and keep "climbing every mountain and fording every stream"! I wish for you all that is good in life.

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