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Love, Pain & the whole crazy Carnival Ride Tour!

KEITH URBAN AND CARRIE UNDERWOOD SET TO CO-HEADLINE “Love, Pain & the whole crazy Carnival Ride Tour”

24-City Tour To Launch On January 31st

Grammy Award winners Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are set to hit the road together in ’08, a 24-city tour that combines the music of two of the music industry’s most powerful performers. “Love, Pain & the whole crazy Carnival Ride Tour,” a name that combines the titles of each artist’s most recent album; Keith’s double platinum #1 debuting Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing and Carrie’s recent #1 debut second album Carnival Ride,” will feature 12 #1 songs (7 for Urban and 5 from Underwood). Tickets are set to go on sale as of December 1st.

“I’m looking forward to hitting the road with Carrie, and to bringing our audiences together for what I think will be a magical night of sights, sounds, songs and solos,” said Urban.

“I can’t think of a better person to begin 2008 with than Keith,” shares Underwood. “He is an amazing entertainer and a well-respected musician, singer and songwriter.”

Urban, who will release Greatest Hits: 18 Kids on November 20th, has been on the road since April in support of his #1 album Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing. In that time, he’s performed shows on three continents, to packed houses, frantic crowds and widespread critical praise. Electrifying performances and world-class production combine with songs that have helped define a career; “Somebody Like You,” “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me,” “Better Life,” “Days Go By,” “You’ll Think Of Me,” “Once In A Lifetime,” as well as his latest single “Everybody,” and more.

Underwood’s new album Carnival Ride recently debuted at #1 selling over half a million copies in its first week, immediately becoming the best-selling debut of any female artist in 2007. Earning the highest debut-week sales of any sophomore country album in over a decade, the album contains four Underwood co-penned songs including its first hit single, “So Small.”

More info will be posted soon!


I said in my first comment that I hoped that I got tickets to see her in April and I did! YEAHHHH I got tickets for my birthday in Jan. I'll let you know how the concert is! LOL!


went to one of the concerts on this tour. AUSSOME!! AMAZING!! Two incredible singers!!
Carrie e` la migliore cantante nel mondo!!

Thank god even crazy dreams come true* <3
Because I have a few!:
***Meeting Carrie
***Going to the Olympics for Eventing
**Singing without being shy
**Vanderbilt University for law school
**visit Australia, Italy, Greece

I was just wondering if Carrie is planning any tour dates in down state Illinois such as the Peoria Civic Center or the I Wireless Center in the Quad Cities. My friends and I would love to see her again. She was FANTASTIC last time. You have a lot of small town fans who would love to see you !

I've been waiting forever for Carrie Underwood to come to North Carolina and now she is! I want to see her in concert soooo bad and seeing Keith Urban won't be too bad either. My birthday's coming up this weekend so maybe I'll get tickets to see her in Raliegh or Charlotte when her and Keith come in April... fingers crossed! LOL! Smiling


Carrie you have gotta come to Indiana! I have been dying to see you in concert!!

I Allreaddy Have My Tickets!!!


I don't know if you have a concert planned in Calgary or even any in Canada but I promise you, you would not regret coming to Calgary. It is an amazing place with SOOOOOO many country fans and SOOOOOOOOOO many Carrie fans. Tickets would go so fast and we would all love for you to come. Please please PLEASE consider coming to Calgary, if not this tour then the next. And we all love Keith too. I'm serious, you would not believe the amount of country fans you have here in Calgary and surrounding area.

Carrie Please come to seattle tacoma area. We love to see you.

Carrie I think you should come to Pennsylvania because York, PA loves your music!

please let me know when carrie underwood is going to be in Raleigh North Caroilna or Charlotte North Carolina. My six year really wants to meet her .


<em>Please come to the Philippines!!!!! </em>

<strong> </strong>


I'm so excited that Carrie will be touring with Keith! I've seen them both in concert twice and I loved it! This is going to be the best concert ever! 2 for the price of 1! Yes!
Maria Nellessen

I love Carrie... she's my idol since the first say I saw her on TV... she caught all my attention and after that it came the "stars" comment to Seacreast.. which was so adorable... and since that day I knew I had to see her.. I'm flying to the US on february just hoping to see her.. but if not, I hope she'll come one day here to Peru.. it would be tha happiest day of my life.

Carrie, it would be awesome if you guys came to Albany...My friends and I are huge fans and we want to be able to see you and Keith in concert!!!

Thank you for your wonderful singing. I followed your progress from American Idol and I knew you were going to win.

You are a inspiration and please come and visit South Africa. Our idols competition is almost in the final stages. Congratulations with all your awards and your new cd is wonderful.


I saw the cities for the tour on Keith Urban's site...Carrie, why are you skipping Oklahoma this time?? Please come to the Ford Center!
Hugs from a fellow Okie,

I am so excited to see you in concert for the first time....... I have seen Keith in concert before, but im all your dear and cant wait to see you rock the house....

Carrie come to Winnipeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be amazing and the whole arena would be full I can guarentee you!

We LOVE Carrie in Texas!!! PLEASE made DFW one of the stopping places in your tour with Keith, because we love him too!! The AAC or any of the other great performance venues awaits y'all!!! It really doesn't matter where you perform, it'll be FAN-tastic!! ;P

I am looking forward to seeing Carrie on doesn't matter to me who she tours with.

~Lynn from OH
"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. "(John 5:13)

Feel free to check out my Praize Blog:

It's so exciting that you are touring with Keith Urban! You are both amazing and I'm sure you will be amazing as a pair! I saw on Keith's website that the tour may be coming through Kansas City and that is so exciting! I can't wait! Garth Brooks just put on 9 sold out shows here and I'm sure with your trusty fans you could sell out 9 shows in the same city as well!

Also, congratulations on the two awards you won tonight! You deserved them! Hope you're having fun!

Carrie, there is nothing in Louisiana! Come to Alexandria, or Lake Charles so some of the small town people can see their favorite singers!

Or you could do a USO concert in Ft. Polk...That would be AWESOME!

Carrie is wwaayy to good for Keith, I mean she is one of the greatest singers on earth

Carrie you have got to come to the Twin Cities and play for us. I just went to Keith's concert last night with Gary Allen and it was packed. Think of how many more you could bring in. Ask Keith how much fun he had with us last night! I hope you and your crew consider!

i love carrieeeeeeeeeeeee i have to see her in concert

I don't like Keith Urban....Carrie should go alone or with Taylor that would be a hawt concert!


oh my gosh! Carrie and Keith together would be an awesome tour! i can't wait for the dates to come out hopefully they're coming near me =D

I think that a Concert with Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood would just be so awesome, I truly like both of these artists and think it would be amazing to see them in Winnipeg. Please come to Winnipeg, I have been following Carrie's career since she was on American Idol and just knew she would be the final one to take the title. Keith is just as amazing to listen and watch.

You should definately consider comming to Charleston, West Virginia! = )
Brittany Nicole

I love Carrie, ive been following her career since she was on idol! i love her to pieces. Her and Keith would be an awsome concert, which is why i think they should come to Brandon Manitoba!!!!!!
There are so many fans here that love them both.
Please come to Brandon, it would make me so happy to see you guys in concert!!!!

Does anyone know when the dates are to come out?

I see that yal are coming to Raleigh, NC!! Yaaayy! I'm so going to that!

Dan The Man

Dear Carrie
I am so Happy to hear your going with Keith Urban on Tour,May I suggest you get Rissi Palmer to go with you to open.She is a new country artist and needs the exposure with established country stars.She has a great voice and will add greatly to your tour you can hear her album on CMT.
Carrie is my new Favorite Vocalist

Carrie, My family and I have followed you from day one on American Idol and we had voted for you from the get go! We couldn't wait for the next week to start voting for you again, we beleived in you THAT much! My twin girls, age 10 are going to freak out just as I am right now, when they find out I bought them tickets for Christmas(when they go on sale of course). We have waited for this for a L-O-N-G time!! We are finally able to see you. May God bless you in your career and life as much as you have your fans with your music, kindness, laughter, and that wonderful smile you have.

I think it would be amazing if you came to Albany on your tour! I drove 6 hours to see you back in September. It was definately worth it, but it would be so much nicer if you came closer!

Carrie, you are one of my favorite singer! You never come to Montreal at Canada. You have many fans and I just want to tell you that I love your brand new CD!!!!


You can get the tour dates on Urban's website. Looking forward to seeing you in Florida, Carrie. Congrats on everything that you have done.

I wondered when you'd go on tour! I can not wait to see you! See you soon!


Come to Tampa, Florida please!!! It would be amazing to see the both of you! Please consider coming here... I know you would have a SOLD OUT concert! Thanks for your time.

Oh this tour I MUST SEE, please please PLEASE make sure to play in Toronto

Did someone say Canadian dates? That would be awsome! Maybe you could make a quick detour in the summer and check out the bluff in Kelowna. Anyways have a great time, I'm sure you two will sell out where ever you go.

Carrie is going on tour and with Keith Urban makes it that much better. this is the best news of my life!!!!!! i can't waitttttt to see them together. <3

I am so excited by the idea of this tour! I just wish there were some Canadian dates *hint hint*
Toronto would be good Eye-wink

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