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Greatest Hits: Decade #1

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Carrie’s “Cowboy Casanova” Digital Single Explodes with First-Week Sales of More than 110,000!

Carrie has the nation’s #1 country digital single as “Cowboy Casanova” explodes with massive first-week sales of 110,236 copies. With the achievement, Carrie remains the only solo country artist this year to debut a digital single above the 100,000 mark – a feat she’s accomplished not once, but twice in 2009, having also hit the six digits with her recording of this season’s American Idol farewell theme, “Home Sweet Home.”

The red-hot first single from Carrie’s November 3 album release, Play On, “Cowboy Casanova” makes its video debut this weekend as part of CMT’s multi-artist Big New Music Weekend. Watch for Carrie as the premieres take over CMT’s music video program blocks, the first airing from 6-11 AM ET on October 2. You can also look for the video beginning Friday on CMT.com, as well as the continuous-video CMT Pure, also starting Friday at 6 AM ET.

In addition to this week’s sales achievement with “Cowboy Casanova,” the sizzling track is also the fastest climbing country airplay single of Carrie’s career and the fastest rising hit of the year, currently #11 at country radio.



Check this out:


If you go there and click on the Orange Tab, you can get a free download!! But, apparently, only for a week...

<iframe src="http://soundcheck.walmart.com/tracking/carrie_underwood/CU468x120.aspx" width="468" height="120" align="center" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"><a href="http://soundcheck.walmart.com/carrie-underwood" target="_blank"><img src="http://soundcheck.walmart.com/tracking/carrie_underwood/CU_468x120.jpg"/></a></iframe>

i absolutely LOVE this video!!!!! it's awesome, and it gave me my ideas for my hair for homecoming and prom this year!

Cowboy Casanova
Boy there is a bunch of them out there,
and the line of women who want them goes all the way around the block,
what is the attraction?

awesome song this will definetly be one of her biggest hits cant wait to get the album!!!!

Ahh this song is so great! I also found she's playing it live on Walmart Soundcheck Oct 15th! I can't wait to see the video!
<a href="http://soundcheck.walmart.com/artist.aspx?id=Carrie_Underwood&name=Carrie+Underwood" target="_blank"><img src="http://soundcheck.walmart.com/tracking/carrie_underwood/CU_300x250.jpg"/>

Just one thing, Please make something, 'cause Cowboy Casanova is not available in itunes store México yet.

Congratulations Carrie... Great song = Great Sales =)


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I'm a little confused - saw video for Country Casanova - I hope it was a mistake.

First - you weren't in it. Then there rappers singing - NO GOOD. Please tell me that was done in error.


i know this will happen. we all know CARRIE will once again smash all the charts and recordbars!!!!

i cant wait for PLAY ON, i dont know when will it be released here in the PHILIPPINES, nonetheless ill get your album on the first day of release here!!! Filipinos are BIG fan of you CARRIE. we LOVE you, MORE POWER!!! i hope you could pay a concert tour here in the PHILIPPINES!!!

mwah!!!! love you!!!

Yours truly, Yukito from Cebu, Philippines
I am a filipino, proud to be a CARRIE UNDERWOOD fan!!!

From the looks of C.C., the album is gonna do amazinggg! Both of her others have and this has the potential to go even farther, according to how fast Cowboy Casanova is selling... Carrie just has it all, she's the most sizzlin' star out there, I don't think anyone is making music as good or breaking more records in this day and age as Carrie! Purely incredible! Oh, and last night on GLEE it was soooo awesome how they feautred "Last Name" !! Sooo cool! I LOVE CARRIE! <3
I can't believe this is happening to me. The weirdest thing is it was just a dream, and now it's actually real. It's hard to believe sometimes.

Country singing superstar Carrie Underwood scores a big hit with Cowboy Casanova! Her new album may surpass all her previous performances and could land her ACM Entertainer of the Year for the second year in a row. She is poised to become Country Music's top crossover singing star and also renouned songwriter in her own right!

CONGRATS CARRIE!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for the video Smiling I love you, you are amazing!

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