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Carrie Underwood: Some Hearts

Some Hearts


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2. Play
Don't Forget To Remember Me
3. Play
Some Hearts
4. Play
Jesus, Take The Wheel
5. Play
The Night Before (Life Goes On)
6. Play
Lessons Learned
7. Play
Before He Cheats
8. Play
Starts With Goodbye
9. Play
I Just Can't Live A Lie
10. Play
We're Young And Beautiful
11. Play
That's Where It Is
12. Play
Whenever You Remember
13. Play
I Ain't In Checotah Anymore
14. Play
Inside Your Heaven


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There is an interest to meet you but the distance of leaving place is the issue here. But I liked the sharing and thanking for.

Hi Carrie (or whatever person it is who keeps your site smooth),

I'm pretty sure that you will never read this message, Carrie. Certainly not from some Dutch guy who has a question Smiling

Anyway, I was thrilled to hear the song "Jesus, take over the wheel." Is this something you've experienced? There are events that you live freeze. Especially when I look at your stormy career, it can hit hard. Standing at the top and within a moment in the deepest valley

I know it's not possible, but I would love to hear this story from the girl without all the media attention. Without obligation, but in peace talk about these things Smiling

I wish you all good Carrie and a merry christmas, and remember that little girl in your heart Smiling

Best regards

I have battled with alcohol addiction since I was a teen and I am happy to say I have been sober for a year now after hearing Wasted for the first time it made me think and see what no one could.Many have tried and failed but I have a connection to music and Carrie got through to me and even taught me how to deal with breakups ALOT better too.This cd Made a huge Difference In my life and Carrie I thank you and My daughter went with me to see you in Tulsa for her first concert and sings your songs at home very well.Your Husband Has a mate Most guys dream about.God bless you Carrie! Donny

I love Carrie. My favorite song is "I'll stand by You" It is my song to my son. I am unable to find it on an album. Anyone know which album I might find it on?? I can find the single on line but would LOVE to have it on an album. I've been to 4 stores today, and also had my husband out yesterday looking for it.
My son is in the service and I want to buy it for him (and me) so we'd think of each other, often.
Anyone that can help me??

carrie i have to meet you in person i love how you do what you gotta do and you make sure its done write back carrie

I don't ever get bored of listening to Carrie Underwood singing! Amazing songs, and beautiful voice!! One of the few singers that I am more then happy to pay for an album of, as she can actually sing!(unlike so many other popular singers now where 90% of their albums are made up of auto-tuning)

Always enjoying listening to her songs in the car, on the go, and even at work!

some hearts is a great album!!!! my favorite song from the album is "Jesus take the wheel", before he cheats, don't forget to remember me" wasted" and inside your heaven. I LOVE YOU CARRIE UNDERWOOD you're an amazing singer!!!!

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