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Greatest Hits: Decade #1


Carrie Underwood: Blown Away

Blown Away


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1. Play
Good Girl
2. Play
Blown Away
3. Play
Two Black Cadillacs
4. Play
See You Again
5. Play
Do You Think About Me
6. Play
Forever Changed
7. Play
Nobody Ever Told You
8. Play
One Way Ticket
9. Play
Thank God For Hometowns
10. Play
Good In Goodbye
11. Play
Leave Love Alone
12. Play
Cupid's Got A Shotgun
13. Play
Wine After Whiskey
14. Play
Who Are You


Carrie is by far the best artist there is ever!

I knew the first time on American Idol that she would be a big star. I love her voice and the way she presents herself. What a class act young lady.

Her voice and powerful, I love this girl she is great.

Absolute great album from Carrie!

Fans, please take a moment to vote on your favorite music video from Blown Away at

Very awesome compilation of songs. Social connections have a greater influence on purchase habits than ever before, but gaining the trust of communities requires true understanding and proper brand interaction.

I recieved this CD for Christmas last year I belive and you do not know how happy I was! Carrie is my idol! I love to sing and write my country music. I love Carrie and hope one day to be as good as her! Love YOU Carrie! ( And this cd Eye-wink lol)

I have been wanting to send this for sometime. I just wanted Ms. Underwood know that her song Jesus Take the Wheele helped me get thru the most difficult time of my life. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16. I live in Knoxville, TN and I had to drive her to Memphis, TN to St. Jude. We would travel back and forth staying at St. Jude during the week and home on the weekends as I had other children at home and I am a single mother. My daughter would go to sleep during the ride and I cried the entire way. I would play her CD over and over again and she got me to St. Jude safely so many times. I love that song so much and I will always be thanful to you Ms Underwood. My daughter passed away 5yrs ago, she was 19, I still cry and I still play your song. The CD is wore out so I have to download it now on the computer and listen to the song, so I am not in the car, but it still helps.

Tish Perkins
Thankful Mother

DebraPatak I just review here and injoy all your songs there allways good too.

I am 9 years old and my mom sighed me up you are my favorite singer
I love you so much I think
You are the best singer in the whole world
i love you Carrie Underwood

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