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Carrie Underwood Discussion

Performance on Girls Night Out

I just wanted to say that the performance of Then sings my soul was a true blessing and so appropriate for the airing on Good Friday. Thank You it was a true blessing.


It truly was an amazing performance. You even made me get goosebumps and you made my mom cry, because of the power in your voice and your emotions behind every word.

Carrie,i have watched u from your 1st audition on american idol
i love every song u have ever sang
i have listened to your version of How Great THou Art
over over and over
my sister who is a year older than me recently had surgery
and 1 day after this surgery had a massive stroke
to us it seems like she has given up she no longer has the ability to use her right side at all
and can not put together sentences
we are praying for a recovery if not all maybe a partial recovery
i know that if she could hear your version of this song
it would be a turning point for her
we live in CALHOUN GEORGIA it would be amazing to have u do a show nearby
my email address is

Like so many, I have never written anything on a fan site before and I specifically joined this site so I could tell you how incredibly amazing beyond words your How Great Thou Art performance was. You glorified God to the greatest extent - His glory and spirit was emanating from every pore in your body. Your passion and energy was so moving. I know that your performance stirred many hearts and did and will bring people to and closer to our Lord. My words cannot do your performance justice. Your friend in Christ.

Thank you Carrie for being such a good influence on our young people. We as parents try so hard to raise them to be good Christian, decent, people and with the influences of popular singers and movies, it is hard. But you have made it easier. You are a good role model and one we hope our daughters will pattern their lives and behavior after. Thank you for keeping your decency and purity even after becoming such a huge star. Please don't change, you are this country's sweetheart and this country needs you to be our sweetheart.

Wow. Carrie's performance of "How Great Thou Art" completely just blew me away. I've watched her perform on TV many, many times, but this was so powerful. I loved it.

Miss Underwood, thank you for your convicting, heartfelt performance of "How Great Thou Art" and for Good Friday. In a world that wants to deny God's existence, belittle Christian beliefs; I thank you for taking a stand on your faith and witnessing to the world just How Great God Really Is ! Thank you. You have touched my spirit and renewed my faith. May God richly continue to Bless you and Keep you.

I have always been a big fan since the first time I heard her sing on Idol. I signed up to this site just to post a comment. Just an unbelievable performance. I have heard many great performances of this song. However, this was the most moving I have ever heard. She took it to a whole new level. I guess a lot of others thought so, too. Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice who has been treated so unfairly by some for coming up through Idol. Didn't matter where Carrie Underwood came from, she is a gift to the music world.

Carrie, your interpretation was not only brilliant but full of God's presence. We have been touched in a surprising way into our hearts in Colombia with this video.

Thank you Carrie for the beautiful version of How Great Thou Art. Lost my dad 5 weeks ago, and on Good Friday we buried his ashes with all the family present. As I laid in bed that night, watching the show there you were. This was his favourite hymn, and was sung when we bruied his parents.

As I listened to you with tears in my eyes, my heart knew that this was a message from dad, saying all was ok, and that he loved me, and was proud of me. Thank you......please record this on a godpel as others have requested....your voice is beautiful, and I can truly hear your emotion when singing.

Beth D
Abbotsford BC

The "How Great Thou Art" performance was such a moving performance. It brought tears to my eyes and chills all over. I was so pleased to see the audience react the way they did, with standing ovation and many had tears in their eyes. Carrie, I hope you will consider doing a gospel album in the future.

Wonderful song. My grandmother gave me a plaque with that song from a hymnal on the plaque. I have always liked that song and I thought Carrie was terrific the other nite.

Dear Ms. Underwood,
I don’t write fan mail. I have not bought a CD in many years. Country music is not my forte. I’ve never watched American Idol. I have not been to any sort of church in the past 25 years. I am 42 years old. I lost the faith I had as a child.
My mother is almost 70 years old and she forwarded me an email link to you and Vince Gill singing How Great Thou Are. She has never lost her faith in me.
Your song is beautiful. Your talent is great and you move people to think outside our simple boxes.
Thank you for what you do. It connected my mother and I in a way I had forgotten.
Steve W
Apex, NC

I had to register for the site just so I could comment on that performance. I am home and sick with morning (all day) sickness as we expect baby #3 and as I lay in bed watching the girls night out show.... God just awakened my Spirit as soon as I heard the first words of How Great Thou Art. I sat there praising Jesus and crying my heart out right there with you. You have been given a wonderful gift Carrie and I pray you will continue to use it to lead people in worship of our Savior. Nothing on earth we do here will have any meaning for eternity - apart from what He does through us to glorify His son!! His son was glorified through that performance and I was so touched! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the courage to sing that song!! and thank you for sharing the gift He gave you in that way. It was divinely beautiful! I love it forever and would love for you to do a gospel/christian album!!
Your sister in Christ,
Randi Smiling

OMG Carrie! You truly are a messenger. Up until Good Friday, the most inspirational live performance I've ever witnessed was Whitney Houston's icredible rendition of our National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV. You surely changed that in my book. Your performance and devotion to " How Great Thou Art" was absolutely a work of art, a masterpiece that you should release as a downloadble treasure so that everyone can share. Such a joyful, heartfelt moment that ispires so much meaning for so many people's lives. Thank you Child.

Carrie, That was the best performance I have ever seen in my life time. You are truely gifted. Wonder what you will do next. A reply to all your fans is in order after that showing. You rocked alot of hearts.

Loved it! Her performance was truly beautiful even though I'm not religious at all, it was wonderful Smiling

I, like these others , have watched you through the years and have always been impressed. You are such a classy lady with so much talent. I love the way that you dress and in general the image that you always present. However, you just entered a totally different realm for me after watching and listening to you sing "How Great Thou Art!!" I am still moved to tears with the beauty of the whole experience. There is no doubt in my mind that you know Who you belong to, and I admire you even more for that! Thanks, Carrie!!

Carrie, I have loved your talents and spirit since your first audition on American Idol. Last night watching you and Vince Gill sing How Great Thou Art was ultimately one of the most moving I have ever seen you do and you have been amazing all these years, but I really think you topped yourself. Your last notes without even taking a breath and going up from Thou to Art and holding it that long was a most spectacular feeling. I am so very proud of you as a fellow Sooner from Kingfisher.

To hear this on Good Friday, just speaks to the gifts that you have been given and what a blessing for such a wonderful person like you to not only receive them but to also share them with all of us.

I have been sending it out on YouTube to everyone I know and they feel the same as it has brought us to joy and tears.

Thank you so much for the feeling I can carry with me this Easter weekend and for all the wonderful music you provide. Also thank you for all that you do to help others.

Many blessings will continue to come your way because your head is on straight and your heart is filled with simple abundance.

Your fan from KY formerly OK. Smiling

A friend posted on FB the "How Great Thou Art" performance. WOW is all I can say. It was so emotionally moving. I was an American Idol fan but when you can out with "Jesus Take the Wheel" I knew you were blessed and was so proud that you were using your talents for Him. This is my only visit to your site (I've only been to one other artist site in my life) but I was so moved that I just wanted to share with you what a blessing that songs performance was to me. After hearing that I would LOVE to see you do a favorite hymns album like Amazing Grace and Because He Lives. You could get all the old stogie folks up off their seats

What a moving night it was to hear you sing How Great Thou Art so passionately...your love for Jesus truly was so evident and you helped everyone worship God on Good Friday. Looking at the audience and their faces and emotion was a great could see them being moved to worship also. To hear Vince Gil sing Jesus Take the Wheel was amazing also. Who could believe this could be on a major station. Thank you for not being ashamed of Jesus and willing to be a great witness for Him. What a beautiful voice God has gifted you with. I voted for you all the time on American Idol and God knew He wanted you to win and glorify Him with the talent He gave you. God bless you as you continue to SHINE for Him and as you grow to love and serve Him more.
Your sister in Christ, Carol

I have NEVER wrote anything on a fan site, nor even looked at one. But after hearing Carrie (who is one of my favorite singers anyway) perform How Great Thou Art on TV last night I was moved to type a message in hopes that she reads all the support she should get for that performance. It was beautiful beyond words and brought tears to my eyes. I was so moved. Cuddos for Carrie and the station! I was so happy to see that in a time when it seems like everything Christian is being silenced and "renamed". What a great testament Carrie!

After hereing her performance last night I think she should do a Gospel Album.

Carrie, I hope that you read this; however, I know that you have a life, and do not have time to read all your fan mail. Your performance on Girls Night Out is something that I will never forget. There was so much passion when you sang it; I haven't seen that much passion in an artist in a long time. I could see and hear that it came from your heart. I could see and hear that you were truly grateful for what He has done in your life, and i could see and hear that you love Him very much. You used your talent to glorify him in your performance. You took the focus off you and your great talent, and put the focus on God the One who gave you the talents. You truly glorified Him, and because of that, it was the best performance of the night. It was an incredible blessing! I have a new respect for you. I would love to see more passionate performances like this for Christ. I really believe that because you lifted Him up many many people were touched. You made yourself available for God to use. You gave the praise to God on a night when country music was praising you and others for the great accomplishments you ladies have done. Thank you for opening up yourself for God to flow through! Truly truly a blessing and your worship was such a sweet sound to God.
I just wanted to tell you how touching it was and to thank you and to encourage you to keep it up Smiling.
oh btw, i have been to chocota! i'm like 2 hours away from there but i used to go to a summer camp not far from there and we ate at the mcdonald's in walmart lol Smiling.
God bless you, Carrie! Praying for you!
Your Fellow Sister in Christ,

I think there has NEVER been a time when the song HOW GREAT THOU ART has touched me so much. I was melted in my chair as she sang the song with Vince. Beautiful job Carrie, from a 59 year old retired cop you made tears run for me....God Bless

WOW whaqt a performance on Girls Night Out.Ive heard How Great Thou Art a 1000 times but it never moved me like it did when you sang it. Hope it show up on an Album soon please

i think carrie you were amazing on that performance of where thou art you are so beautiful and amazing and faithful to god i wish carrie you could come to our school northeastern clinton in champlain ny to give our chorus class a voice lesson and bring mike with you to present to our sports mangement class carrie i am a faithful christian just like you and i go to church every week so please respond to my message please

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