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How do you write a letter to Carrie Underwood?

I want to write a letter to Carrie Underwood...Is there a correct address i can wrtie and send it to her? If anyone knows or has written her a fan letter PLEASEE let me know. I'm dying to wrte her! Thank you so much!! Smiling


Mrs. Underwood,
I want to express my gratitude to you and your inspiration for the song "Just A Dream." As a military kid, I have witnessed situations like that song more times than I can count on both hands. For years, it has played and I imagined the feelings would dull, but every time it plays on the radio, I cannot hear the first note without breaking down. Your beautiful lyrics are such a strong representation of the feelings and thoughts that run through our minds upon the loss of another hero. Thank you for this powerful song and a heartfelt thank you to the military members and their families who have inspired it.

Hi Carrie,

I am writing to you on behalf of my parents. My mother just passed this August at age 53. She has been struggling with cancer for the past 2.5 years. My father, now a fresh widower, is having a real difficult time. We believe in seeing signs from my mother and one of those signs is your song, "See you again". This song was one of my mom's favorites. And it has popped up so many times unexpectedly. For example, for a week straight, my dad would get in the car and this song would be on. He is a true believe in this song and it hits home to all of us. We are even putting a saying on her grave stone referencing this song.

I want to thank you because you have no idea how much it means to the family. Keep singing


Dear Carrie Underwood,
My daughter Nancie has been a fan of yours since your days on “American Idol”. She is 25 now and a single mother of a one year old baby boy. At nine years old, Nancie was diagnosed with hystocytosis and has had a difficult time of things ever since. One huge spark in her life has always been Carrie Underwood. I took Nancie and a friend to your concert at Arco Arena where you were singing from the bed of a classic pickup truck suspended above the audience. Great concert! I would really love to surprise my daughter with an autographed picture from you if possible. She would love that.
Tom in Sacramento (

Dear Carrie,
Last Wednesday my good friend, Andrea, was in a terrible car accident while driving home from her in laws place in Gladesville, TN. It was raining and she lost control of the car. Another vehicle ran into the passenger side. Her two children Linsey (10 yrs) and Zach (12 yrs) were with her. Linsey didn't make it and Zach was hospitalized at Vanderbilt with multiple injuries. Andrea's injuries were minor compared to the rest. Linsey was laid to rest this past Sunday in a beautiful cemetery in Eagleville, TN. Just 10 years old. I can't begin to say how hard it's been for everyone.... Andrea, Zach and Tommy (father) especially. I just can't believe little Linsey is really gone.
I was driving to work on Monday and your song "Till I See You Again" came on the radio. It made me smile and reminded me that Linsey is not gone from our lives. She's still here and we will see her again. She touched so many lives and always had a smile on her face. She will forever be greatly missed!
Thank you for releasing such a beauiful song. I can't help but smile when I hear it!

Yours truly,

Dear Ms. Underwood,

My best friend passed away in a one vehicle car accident on July 10th. Exactly one week before this she was watching your music video "See You Again," and about 3 minutes and 14 seconds into the video there is a scene where the water tower in Moore, OK is showing through a hole in an American flag and in the next scene there is a flag flying that says "R.I.P. Janae." My best friend's name is Janae Moore. She saw this a week before she passed and she told one of her guy friends about it. I know you are really busy, but I have been having a really hard time comprehending her death and everything else. I was just wondering if there is a story behind this scene in your video. Who is the Janae in your video and what happened to her? If you or someone representing you could just let me know it would be absolutely amazing. Having both her first and last name show up in that music video is so ironic to me, and I cannot believe that she saw it. Anyways I hope I hear back from you soon. Thank you so much for listening to my story!

With love,

Megan Johnson

Dear Carrie,
I am hoping through your fan page I can get a message out that will reach you. My friend Heather Clark just lost her 7 month old son on Friday June 21, 2013. On Tuesday morning she dropped her son off with the babysitter just like she does everyday she goes to work. She is a single mom trying to make a living for her son and herself. On Tuesday she got a call that no mother should ever get. She found her son in the hospital in a coma from the boyfriend of the baby sitter beating the baby. He stopped breathing at the baby sitters house where the baby sitter called 911. Paramedics came and preformed CPR but the damage was already done. After doing test they discovered that he was brain dead and he was pronounced dead on June 21st. The last time his grieving mother was able to hold him she sang your song See You Again as she said goodbye. It is heartbreaking and devastating for those who knew lukas and heather and even those who didn't because no 7 month old should have to suffer in pain. She is not trying to raise money for his funeral cost. If there is anyway you can spread the word on Facebook he has a page called prayers for lukas. You can also read about there story. If you can help in any way possible it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Jennifer Lane




My girlfriend, Jenna, is a HUGE fan of you (which I am sure you have heard that before)! But she is turning 21 on May 19th, 2013 and I want to do something that is amazing that she will never forget. I was hoping you could write to her for her 21st birthday. I am sure she would love that forever! I know it is little less than 4 months away from now, but I wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to possibly read and reply to this request. I really hope that you get this and are able to reply for her and make an amazing birthday for her!

Please email me at

Thanks in advance!
Nate S.

My husband and I bought our daughter Madelyn tickets to see you on March 25, 2013 at the Giant Center in Hershey PA. She will be 9 on 3/24/13 and is a huge fan. I would really love to get her an autographed Happy Birthday to give her with her tickets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My husband & I went to your concert at the Staples Center on October 16, 2012. We love your music but were very disappointed about how loud and distorted the music was. At times during the concert we couldn't even understand what you were singing. We paid a lot for the tickets, $500.30 and wished we could have enjoyed it more. I just don't understand why the music at concerts have to be so loud. I would appreciate a response and how we can get a refund.
Thank you

HI CARRIE ITS ME AGAIN from SACRAMENTO I want to SING GOOD IN GODBYE with you on October 13th! Kayla would love it! BYE!!!!KRISTEN

I too, need to speak with Carrie.

Carrie, you are a beautiful Angel. I 'understand" you in ways that would comfort you to know.

My daughter Kayla is 15. She and I attended your concert at the Power Balance Pavillion in Sacramento where we live last year and you brought me to my knees when you sang HOW GREAT THOU ART. Kayla and I could possibly be your biggest fans. Your new album is incredible and when I heard GOOD IN GOODBYE the first time, I cried. Truly, the song is bittersweet.

I watched you take flight on American Idol, Carrie. Being a singer who lived in Hawaii many many years ago, I have a trained ear and a spiritual soul, and I knew when I first saw you,
that you were a gift from GOD. People dont sing and sound and look like you do, my dear. I compare you to Whitney Houston actually, though you are nothing alike in sound and looks, but she had "the gift of angels" as you do.

Anyway, Kayla has a disease of the eyes called STARGARDTS. She can see up close, although she sees what you and I do not see, and does not see quite what we see. We are priviledged to have sixth row for your performance this October 13th where you are gracing us with your presence again at the Power Balance Pavillion. We get handicap seating which is a plus.

Kayla can never drive until a cure is found. This has huge impact on her social life. She wants to be normal. She is a beutiful person and also is drawn to you. Together, we have a "CARRIE BOND" and you have touched our lives and given us something very special to share.

Carrie, can we please MEET you when you perform that night? It would be the thrill of OUR LIVES!

If so, you can reach me at 916-419-4220




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