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How do you write a letter to Carrie Underwood?

I want to write a letter to Carrie Underwood...Is there a correct address i can wrtie and send it to her? If anyone knows or has written her a fan letter PLEASEE let me know. I'm dying to wrte her! Thank you so much!! Smiling


I dont know if this works at all, but i have been trying everything i can. i doubt this will ever reach you, but its worth a shot. I am an active duty Marine just trying to make my wifes christmas one to remember. Below is the message i have been circulating around in hope you will get it.

Dear Mrs. Underwood
If this actually gets to you, my name is Tracy Davis JR (and yes despite my name I am a man) and I am writing this to you in hopes you can help me do something for my beautiful, loving wife Cassandra Davis. Now, I know you here this a lot but, she admires you so much and may actually be your biggest fan. (But not in that creepy obsessed kind of way) She is 21 years old and from Murfreesboro, TN. We were high school sweethearts and have been married for a little over two years now. As long as I have known her she has loved your music. She has an amazing voice, and constantly sings your songs; I think I have heard everyone of your songs like a thousand times because of her. (Actually our song is Remind Me with you and brad paisley, and it high school it was Some Hearts) See you’re her idol and she dreams to follow a similar path as you. I have tried to get her a singing coach, but I not been able to due to financial strains. She is very shy and embarrassed to sing in front of others, even though she has an amazing voice. However, she is slowly becoming more open. She is a wonderful, kind hearted person who would do anything for anyone and she is the love of my life. Before we got married I was trying to think of ways to propose that would mean the world to her, I came up with only one, to propose at one of your concerts. See, I’m currently in the United States Marine Corps and have been for almost 5 years. During the time I was trying to propose I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and I requested to take leave and fly back to the TN when you were playing in Nashville, TN (this was in 2012). I had it all planned out and even contacted the venue to see if I would be able to propose before you were to come out on stage. I talked to several people and it took nearly 6 months of trying before I finally got the answer I was looking for. They told me as long as I didn’t interfere with your show it would be okay, they also told me it would benefit them to have a active duty Marine propose at your concert. But a month before this was supposed to happen my leave got denied and I had to cancel the whole thing. And for an enlisted Marine, not being able to refund your $2,000 plane ticket is not easy on my wallet. Anyways my whole romantic plan went down the drain. I ended up asking her to marry me over Skype and we got married by proxy which, means neither of us was there and I was still in Japan. I had plans to go ahead and propose the right way when I came back, at one of your concerts again but without being on stage. (She has always wanted to go to your concert, but we have not been able to for one reason or another, most of which are my fault) Well when time came close to me leaving I found out that I would be leaving Japan 3 months earlier than I was originally suppose to in order to join a battalion that was set to deploy to Afghanistan, which once again made me miss the concert in a area I would be able to attend. I still proposed when I returned but it was at a restaurant called the melting pot and was not at all what I had hoped to give her. We moved to Twentynine Palms, Ca to my new unit that I soon am leaving with. Since I was I would be deploying to Afghanistan in a few short months we would not be able to have a wedding either, nor did we have the money as we were just now living together for the first time and had to get household items. I left and returned from Afghanistan this year in March. I have been in and out of the field since I have returned and once again not been able to give her a wedding. Now I know you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this. Well, I wanted to you to have some background on the woman I love and the things that I have failed to give her, so when I ask you to do this one thing for her, you will know how much it will mean to the both of us. I am not going to ask you to do some ridiculous thing like fly here to meet her or anything like that. I understand you have a life and I cant believe someone could be that selfish plus I’m not in the habit of asking for a lot form others. What I would like is for you to simply write her a letter of encouragement to her and maybe an autographed photo. I know this would mean the world to her, and I wish I could give her so much more. She is an amazing woman and I would do anything for her. I would like to give this to her for Christmas, as this is the first Christmas I will be spending with her since I enlisted in the Marine Corps and I would like to make it a great one. I try my hardest with what money I do make, but nothing I could do for her would ever top this. Chances are that this letter won’t even reach you, but in the off chance it does and you are unable to help me with this I will fully understand. I know that you get this all the time, people are probably always asking for something from you. But I’m asking for the only thing I cannot buy or make myself, and that is a heartfelt letter from her idol. However, if you are able to do this my information will be listed below. Thank you for your time and it’s a little early but happy holidays.

Email Address

Hi Carrie,
I was reading all these posts and seems everyone wants something from you. I too fall in this category. I am an oncology nurse and I work with pt's who have many different types of cancer including pancreas cancer. I work with a brilliant surgeon who also does research. It takes a lot of money to run the lab and funding for pancreas cancer is <3% of the NCI budget. The point is you have to write grants and the chance of getting one is slim. In the meantime brilliant people are working for all cancer pt's and have to always find money to support their lab and pay researchers a salary. I was wondering, if I wrote a song, would you sing it so that all the profits would go to our pancreas research? I know this sounds bizarre but I fund raise and our pt's give us donations but it is not nearly what we need. If this sounds like a cause you could get your head around (just one hit song and we could be set!), maybe you could contact me to discuss. I work at a major university so can't say too much and I realize this format is odd but how else can I get you to consider?? Thanks for reading this. I promise to do all the work! I am a good songwriter!

Ms. Underwood, Sorry I'm 48 but my Parent's would still be really ticked if I called someone I didn't know by their first name. I have to say I'm sorry for never having heard any of your songs until last night. I got some terrible news yesterday the kind that devastates a person it doesn't matter what because it seems everyone or almost who writes you does, Gee more grief out there then there should be. Well it was 3am still couldn't sleep even after going for a drive on all the Country roads for a hour or two. Then I downloaded the song that always makes me feel better and it makes me feel better because it makes me cry, sorry I'm a Guy it's not easy, Guys are not taught how to do that not that Girls cry on a dime they are just more in touch with their feelings, just an opinion , but I downloaded " Neon Moon " it get's me everytime probably because I was going thru my Divorce when it came out and ther really was a Run down bar that I used to go to and it had tons of Neon Moons , Miller, Pabst, Corona that's probably more moons then are allowed but B & D didn't come up you did and it was the first time I heard you sing and you did the song justice, sang with just as much raw emotion as B & D and that's saying somthing. Well mission achommplished I was crying like a baby. Then I listened to your other songs and downloaded about 8 " Remind me " being a fav. and yeah that made me cry to. If there are not at least a dozen or more County songs that make you cry you don't really understand Country music or at least don't get it. ( just another opinion sorry to all the Fans. who have never teared up to one ) but I guess my point is when I went on your fan page I had no intention of writing you , always thought writing celebrities to be a big a waste of time they don't read what you write and never respond and who would really expect them to plus there was never one I wanted to before but I really wanted to write you I have no idea why except maybe your music touched me ? or it could be in a inteview with Brad Pasley a reporter asked him about his Bass Guitar and he said he was waiting for the right material and you told him " How about a song about Fishing " that was funny I guess a combination you donating all those Musical Instu.. to your old School along with the above mentioned, Plus the older you get the more you realize if you want to do somthing just do it, it doesn't matter if you read this or not I got to vent and say what I wanted which is in no way a bad thing. Then when I was reading what people wrote you tons where suffering or had some terrible Illness and I have a good idea as to why they write to you or in my humble opinion I think I do, they feel like they know you, most likely it's because your so genuine and your sense of humor is a good one, well you make me smile. Plus they followed you from the begining on " American Idol " I laughed so hard because you were so excited that you got to fly on a plane ( it scares me to death ) I bet your a little tired of it about now, just a hunch from someone who had to fly on a weekly basis for work for 20 years. I've only watched maybe 2 interviews and listened to 10 songs plus your first audition on A I and I feel like I've known you for years and only saw you for the first time last night also funny how that works. I've had my share of medical problems but my only regret it I lost my Singing Voice from all the tubes they stick down your throat after 12 surgeries those trac. tubes ruptured my vocal cords beyond any repair . I sang in a local band we were called " Texas Heat" many years ago ( Funny a band called Texas Heat in WI. plus all the other members where from Germany and Norway guess that's why I sang lead somthing about a guy from Norway singing Ack. Breaky Heart just didn't sound right Geez I must have sang that a thousand times if not more don't think I ever got the words right just kept singing " Don't Break My Heart " well as long as people kept dancing who cared ? along with " County Auction " if I had a penny for everytime I messed up the lyrics I''d be rich, ( My Short and Long term memory loss from my accident doesn't help remebering the words ) if it's a fast song I can still get by but it's now a Kareoke ? version at best but a song like Neon Moon no way. I didn't mind losing my health but losing my voice was like losing my arm. Well I'm going to listen to " Remind Me " again and maybe watch you sing " Walk this way " that made me laugh and hey that makes you feel better to. Take Care, Cj

hey carrie underwood im your biggest fan when will you come down here to sing again

Dear Carrie,

I love your music, especially See You Again. Until I just watched your video, I wasn't sure if the song meant what I was hearing. It means a lot to me because my son, age 39 was killed June 20, 2012 and there are no words to describe this loss. A very large piece of my life ended that day with my son. Your song is very comforting! Thank you!

Rhonda Taylor

Mrs. Underwood,
I want to express my gratitude to you and your inspiration for the song "Just A Dream." As a military kid, I have witnessed situations like that song more times than I can count on both hands. For years, it has played and I imagined the feelings would dull, but every time it plays on the radio, I cannot hear the first note without breaking down. Your beautiful lyrics are such a strong representation of the feelings and thoughts that run through our minds upon the loss of another hero. Thank you for this powerful song and a heartfelt thank you to the military members and their families who have inspired it.

Hi Carrie,

I am writing to you on behalf of my parents. My mother just passed this August at age 53. She has been struggling with cancer for the past 2.5 years. My father, now a fresh widower, is having a real difficult time. We believe in seeing signs from my mother and one of those signs is your song, "See you again". This song was one of my mom's favorites. And it has popped up so many times unexpectedly. For example, for a week straight, my dad would get in the car and this song would be on. He is a true believe in this song and it hits home to all of us. We are even putting a saying on her grave stone referencing this song.

I want to thank you because you have no idea how much it means to the family. Keep singing


Dear Carrie Underwood,
My daughter Nancie has been a fan of yours since your days on “American Idol”. She is 25 now and a single mother of a one year old baby boy. At nine years old, Nancie was diagnosed with hystocytosis and has had a difficult time of things ever since. One huge spark in her life has always been Carrie Underwood. I took Nancie and a friend to your concert at Arco Arena where you were singing from the bed of a classic pickup truck suspended above the audience. Great concert! I would really love to surprise my daughter with an autographed picture from you if possible. She would love that.
Tom in Sacramento (

Dear Carrie,
Last Wednesday my good friend, Andrea, was in a terrible car accident while driving home from her in laws place in Gladesville, TN. It was raining and she lost control of the car. Another vehicle ran into the passenger side. Her two children Linsey (10 yrs) and Zach (12 yrs) were with her. Linsey didn't make it and Zach was hospitalized at Vanderbilt with multiple injuries. Andrea's injuries were minor compared to the rest. Linsey was laid to rest this past Sunday in a beautiful cemetery in Eagleville, TN. Just 10 years old. I can't begin to say how hard it's been for everyone.... Andrea, Zach and Tommy (father) especially. I just can't believe little Linsey is really gone.
I was driving to work on Monday and your song "Till I See You Again" came on the radio. It made me smile and reminded me that Linsey is not gone from our lives. She's still here and we will see her again. She touched so many lives and always had a smile on her face. She will forever be greatly missed!
Thank you for releasing such a beauiful song. I can't help but smile when I hear it!

Yours truly,

Dear Ms. Underwood,

My best friend passed away in a one vehicle car accident on July 10th. Exactly one week before this she was watching your music video "See You Again," and about 3 minutes and 14 seconds into the video there is a scene where the water tower in Moore, OK is showing through a hole in an American flag and in the next scene there is a flag flying that says "R.I.P. Janae." My best friend's name is Janae Moore. She saw this a week before she passed and she told one of her guy friends about it. I know you are really busy, but I have been having a really hard time comprehending her death and everything else. I was just wondering if there is a story behind this scene in your video. Who is the Janae in your video and what happened to her? If you or someone representing you could just let me know it would be absolutely amazing. Having both her first and last name show up in that music video is so ironic to me, and I cannot believe that she saw it. Anyways I hope I hear back from you soon. Thank you so much for listening to my story!

With love,

Megan Johnson

Dear Carrie,
I am hoping through your fan page I can get a message out that will reach you. My friend Heather Clark just lost her 7 month old son on Friday June 21, 2013. On Tuesday morning she dropped her son off with the babysitter just like she does everyday she goes to work. She is a single mom trying to make a living for her son and herself. On Tuesday she got a call that no mother should ever get. She found her son in the hospital in a coma from the boyfriend of the baby sitter beating the baby. He stopped breathing at the baby sitters house where the baby sitter called 911. Paramedics came and preformed CPR but the damage was already done. After doing test they discovered that he was brain dead and he was pronounced dead on June 21st. The last time his grieving mother was able to hold him she sang your song See You Again as she said goodbye. It is heartbreaking and devastating for those who knew lukas and heather and even those who didn't because no 7 month old should have to suffer in pain. She is not trying to raise money for his funeral cost. If there is anyway you can spread the word on Facebook he has a page called prayers for lukas. You can also read about there story. If you can help in any way possible it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Jennifer Lane




My girlfriend, Jenna, is a HUGE fan of you (which I am sure you have heard that before)! But she is turning 21 on May 19th, 2013 and I want to do something that is amazing that she will never forget. I was hoping you could write to her for her 21st birthday. I am sure she would love that forever! I know it is little less than 4 months away from now, but I wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to possibly read and reply to this request. I really hope that you get this and are able to reply for her and make an amazing birthday for her!

Please email me at

Thanks in advance!
Nate S.

My husband and I bought our daughter Madelyn tickets to see you on March 25, 2013 at the Giant Center in Hershey PA. She will be 9 on 3/24/13 and is a huge fan. I would really love to get her an autographed Happy Birthday to give her with her tickets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My husband & I went to your concert at the Staples Center on October 16, 2012. We love your music but were very disappointed about how loud and distorted the music was. At times during the concert we couldn't even understand what you were singing. We paid a lot for the tickets, $500.30 and wished we could have enjoyed it more. I just don't understand why the music at concerts have to be so loud. I would appreciate a response and how we can get a refund.
Thank you

HI CARRIE ITS ME AGAIN from SACRAMENTO I want to SING GOOD IN GODBYE with you on October 13th! Kayla would love it! BYE!!!!KRISTEN

I too, need to speak with Carrie.

Carrie, you are a beautiful Angel. I 'understand" you in ways that would comfort you to know.

My daughter Kayla is 15. She and I attended your concert at the Power Balance Pavillion in Sacramento where we live last year and you brought me to my knees when you sang HOW GREAT THOU ART. Kayla and I could possibly be your biggest fans. Your new album is incredible and when I heard GOOD IN GOODBYE the first time, I cried. Truly, the song is bittersweet.

I watched you take flight on American Idol, Carrie. Being a singer who lived in Hawaii many many years ago, I have a trained ear and a spiritual soul, and I knew when I first saw you,
that you were a gift from GOD. People dont sing and sound and look like you do, my dear. I compare you to Whitney Houston actually, though you are nothing alike in sound and looks, but she had "the gift of angels" as you do.

Anyway, Kayla has a disease of the eyes called STARGARDTS. She can see up close, although she sees what you and I do not see, and does not see quite what we see. We are priviledged to have sixth row for your performance this October 13th where you are gracing us with your presence again at the Power Balance Pavillion. We get handicap seating which is a plus.

Kayla can never drive until a cure is found. This has huge impact on her social life. She wants to be normal. She is a beutiful person and also is drawn to you. Together, we have a "CARRIE BOND" and you have touched our lives and given us something very special to share.

Carrie, can we please MEET you when you perform that night? It would be the thrill of OUR LIVES!

If so, you can reach me at 916-419-4220




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