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Does anybody know how to contact Carrie Underwood? An email address or address to send a letter maybe?


Ms. Underwood, I thank you for standing up for supporting same sex marriage. You have just gained two new fans from this household. People do not understand they have been taking marriage for granted for so long. Majority of married couple I come contact with on a daily basis has had their second, third, fourth marriages already. Imagine how many divorces they have gone through! I am sure bible didn't tell people to go and abandon their own marriages and go marry again and again! Who violated the sanctity of marriage here? A lot of same sex couple has longer relationship than all these marriages combined.

I don't like to challenge other people's beliefs but I do believe in equality for everyone. If these people are allowed to marry someone she/he loves, why can't everyone else has the same right? Are these people saying they are better than everyone else here? Remember how we had racial segregation before? Sexual orientation is a condition that the person is born with. Just like those people who do not attracted to same sex people. Gays and lesbians are the same. Simple as that. You can't just make up something like that.

Those who claim this is a sin should keep the religion to themselves.

I admire your courage to stand up for these people, especially coming from your background. Please don't feel discouraged. We need more public voice to educate the people to treat everyone equally, not to discriminate them just because they are different on whatever basis.

Thank you!

Yesterday, my 15-year old son told me some news about Carrie Underwood's public statement on same sex marriage. He was obviously shocked enough to repeat the news to me. As a mother who has spent her life trying to instill core Christian values into the lives of her four children (ages 13 - 20), I cannot help but be incredibly disappointed by Ms. Underwood's stance. How vital it is to be daily seeking God's direction in our lives, to be grounded in His Word and to be accountable to other Christians who not only love the Lord but who also sharpen us in our faith. May He convict her heart of His truths and remind her clearly what His word says on the sacredness and sanctity on His ordination of marriage. Ms. Underwood has been given the privilege and opportunity to show the world where Jesus stands in her life. May she rise up and carry that cross for the Lord and shout with a clear and pure voice what true marriage is all about!

You are amazing thank you for your support to the glbt community. Thank you for being willing to take and hear all of the negative fan comments . That can't be easy! But you are an inspiration and I hope more follow in your kind hearted foot prints!

I know the pressures of your industry are immense and the temptation to compromise your core beliefs is great, but we do not have the authority to redefine the clear teaching of God regarding homosexuality. If we could not be deceived, the Bible would never have warned us to not be deceived. It is not "hate" to warn people of God's judgement upon sexual sin, in this case homosexuality. It would be hateful not to warn them. It appears that you have become another casualty of the culture war, where the Truth of God is exchanged for a lie, along with seeking the praise of those who have set themeselves in oppostion to God, all for the purpose of a very temporary monetary gain. God is calling you back to Him. I pray that you will listen.

I am 45 years old and love to write poetry. Recently I have written several poems that I think would possibly be great for a song. Your voice is amazing and I wish there were some way you could read them and give me your opionion. I dont have a clue about how to write music but I truly feel from my heart these are really good. Please get back with me so I could send them to you to read. I would greatly appreciate

dear carrie, i am a very big fan of yours, alot of your songs i can relate to, and you write such good music, however i would like to ask for a favor, this april i think it is, when you go to saint john n.b, would you be able to dedicate a song to my girl freind, i wont be at the concert , but she will be, could you say , this song is dedicated to courtney, forever and always, to the moon and back, if you can do that, you wont beleive how happy i will be, it would mean the world to me, thanks - alex

Carrie - I love your music, I followed you since your competition and was jumping up and down for you to win...I love that you are Christian, and you have such an influence to help others believe in our God, especially my little girl Olivia, who is 7...thank you for being a shining example.

I also work for a company that makes moving lighting systems for entertainment - it is owned by a group, one of whom is Christian and so I joined...because he will fuel mission with the profits...

No matter what the story, I believe you will love our lighting systems, they are patented, and moving systems you have not seen before...please check us out, at, or our videos at

I don't expect you to, I just want to appreciate your awesome music, but if you do, it would be great. Thank you, you are an awesome daughter of God. Terry Hamer,

My Grand daughter has been a huge fan of you for a number of years. You have inspired her to sing. Her dream is to some day meet you in person. Her name is Makayla and she is just 15 years old.....this is her performing "Blown Away" last week at our local talent show.

Hey there

I was wondering if Carrie ever thought of writing a song from a son to his mother/or mother to son on his wedding day. Looks like I will be a mom of a groom in the next 2 yrs and have not found a suitable song for us to dance to.

BTW live in Ottawa and miss Mike alot.



Don't know if carrie or any of her personnel read this but we surprised my daughter with tickets to the Omaha concert and she almost passed out she is a big fan. We are taking her for dinner in the club at 6pm b4 the concert she would freak out if u just happen to stop in and say hi! Here name is Lily and my email is you probably get 1000's of requests and i understand but never hurts to ask! Thanks for your time Jim Bloom

Dear Carrie, I just want to thank you for your new song blown away. It really hit me. Horrible, unspeakable things happened to me while I was growing up and just to continue breathing was a fight. So thank you for helping me feel not so alone. You are a blessing and don't let ANYONE make you feel otherwise. Just keep loving ppl and showing ppl how to love and you're right where God wants you to be. Live your life the best you can and no one can ask any more of you. Thank you! Love, Sarah

Hey there

I was wondering if Carrie ever thought of writing a song from a mother to a son/son to mother on his wedding day.

Looks like I will be a MOTG in the next 2 yrs and there are no songs, that I have found that are special for that day.

BTW I am from Ottawa and miss Mike dearly.



Dear Ms. Underwood,

I just wanted to say I have been a fan of yours since you were on American Idol. I don't even know if you actually read these things, but I have a very special request. I am lucky enough to be going to my very first concert of yours this summer at the Willamette Country Music Festival. This year marks the fifth anniversary of my mother's death. She died very young, she was only 48 and I was 28. I am 33 now and I have resolved and come to terms with the fact that I will live most of my life without her. From the second I heard See You Again, I realized that song was written for her. I understand that you may have been talking about a romantic relationship, but to me, it is exactly how I feel about my mom. Additionally, what greater relationship is there than the one between a mother and a daughter? I'm not asking to meet you, I'm not asking for anything special really, but when you play that song at this particular concert, will you please think of my mom.....her name was Lisa. And I miss her. I pray in my heart of hearts that I will see her again, God willing. Thank you for your time.

Your Fan,

Allyssa Ottis

It would be wonderful if you could write and perform a song for the Romney/Ryan campaign!! It would help so much!!!

Not sure if this goes to Carrie or not but if so...My husband and I are driving out to Las vegas to go to Carrie's concert on March 2nd for my little girl, Ava's birthday. Her 5th birthday will be March 2nd and we were hoping maybe Carrie could sing happy birthday to her. We have floor seats at Mandalay Bay and my little girl Ava is obsessed with Carrie!! Not sure how to reach out to her but thought this could get through somehow. Anything you could do would make this even more special.

Thank you!!

CARRIE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP, I have a friend who was diagnosed with acute leukemia on march 4th, 2013. Katie will have endure a three year treatment plan which will include intensive chemotherapy and medications. Katie is a member of CHS marching band and is a potential honor graduate. her friends and family are hosting Katie leon day on july 27th, 2013 to help Katie's family with the medical and travel expenses they with incur as a result of Katie's recent sudden medical diagnosis. she is your biggest fan, and would love for you to be there at Katie day. Katie leon day will be held at the coffee county track july 27th, 2013 from 8:30am-11:30pm. at the event, there will be a variety of events and entertainment for all who attend. please help my friend.

I love your music and always will. Your voice is truely amazing. Dont let anyone ever knock you down! Smiling

To all those commenting on carries opinion of same sex marriages:
Everyone's allowed to have their own opinion. If Carrie wants to voice hers, let her. Everyone has the freedom of speech. You shouldn't decide not to love her music because of one opinion. And everyone had the right to choose their religion and what to worship and believe and what not to believe so you can't call her out if she wants to believe want she wants. Would you want people to dislike you for ur opinions and never want to listen or talk to u because of it???
Once again I love you Carrie for ur amazing sprit and songs!

HiCarrie, my name is Hannah Sandberg, and I am in the ninth grade, and I just wanted to tell you, you are so amazing, you are one of my favorite singers ever. ai absolutly love to sing and I want to be a singer so bad that is all I have wanted to do my whole life, and at my eighth grade graduation I sang so small, and I always thought it was a pretty song and during graduation I was so nervous that I stoped right before the bridge because I didnt want to mess up, and later when I went home that night I really paid attention to the words of the song, and it is so true, every word of it. And now every time I am in a tough time I think of that song. You see I have divorced parents and my step-mom is really mean to me, and I am always torn down for everything I do, and during graduation I was then torn apart by her and every time I go to sing She says terrible things to me and singing is my stress realiver and when I am at my dads I cant sing and so now I have an ulcer because of the stress, and also my mom has had multiple heartattacks, so that doesnt help the matter anyway I am going to your concert on February 26th 2013 at Stockton Arena, and I will be in the Private Box thing and I was wondering if you get this message in time if you could please mention my name and maybe come up and talk to me after the concert. Your my hero. Thanks
~Hannah Cheyenne~

Hey Carrie! My two best friends and I will be seeing you this Friday night in Brownsville, OR! We are all more than excited, but we have one special request. That request is that you sing See You Again off of your Blown Away album. It is such a beautiful song and we listen to it in remembrance of our friend Bailey who passed away in June. Bailey was only 16 years old when she went for a jog and collapsed due to heart failure. She knew every lyric of every song and we hope you can sing it, not for us, but for her. Thanks so much!

The last concert I attended was Janis Joplin and the Youngbloods in the summer of 1970. I will turn 62 in October and my daughter is taking me to a Carrie Underwood concert in Seattle on 10/6 for my birthday!! We are flying down from Alaska. We waited too long for seats, so we are waaaaay up high, but I'm sure it will be fun just the same. Looking forward to a good time.

Hi Carrie! My name is Kasey Tucker and I am a 16 year old boy in Boise Idaho. I just went to your concert with my sister last night at Taco Bell Arena and wanted to let you know how amazing it was! That was the first concert I have ever been to, and its one I will remember forever! The concert was a present for my sister and I as we sat 5 rows from stage, and the show you put on was unbelievable. Mine, and my sisters dream is to someday meet you. We hope to see you again in conert wheather it be here in boise, or some other place. I don't know if you read things like this but if you do, I want to thank you very much! I would really love and appreciate if I could get a reply either by this or my email at Thanks so much for your time!
Kasey Tucker

Dear Ms. Underwood,

Recently, my grandmother passed away. I had to fly out to Michigan for her funeral. I was in Michigan just for a few days. I flew home to Tennessee in the afternoon just hours after her funeral. Upon returning home I got into my car and drove to my job so I could find out when I needed afternoon to work next. I was feeling sad as I turned on the radio and the first sound that came out of my speakers was you singing the chorus to "I'll See You Again". It honestly felt like God's way of comforting me and it worked. I felt and still feel very comforted by that song. I sing it whenever I miss my grandma and it makes me feel better. So, what I am trying to say is thank you for the song "I'll See You Again". It truly is an amazing song.

My wife and daughter are dealing with some serious health issues right now and they have both been so strong in dealing with the many challenges they face daily. You will be in Loisville soon and I am hoping to get some tickets for them to attend. Their names are Debra and Sarah. "Jesus Take The Wheel" has always been a special song and right now it seems to be a theme for our lives. If it is possible to get a comment of encouragement from you it would mean a great deal to them. I have another daughter and my girls are my world. Hope to see you in Louisville.

I am a member of Child Evangelisem Fellowship in Nashville.
I believe that each child needs to hear about God's word and know that God loves them.
They need to know they are not alone and unwanted, But trust God is always there and cares about them.

Jesus said:
" Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

We have a fundraising dinner on April 25th. trying to raise money for this ministry to reach more children in Nashville
Carrie always comes to my mind whenever, I am thinking of support.
Every time she gets an award she praises Lord for that, I believe she will be willing to help these children to hear the Gospel.

Hi Carrie,

It is a pleasure just to even be posting on your website. I am reaching out in a request for myself, my wonderful girlfriend and her families charity. Every year they hold an event in the South Florida area which has raised over $2 million for cancer patients. The charity is based on providing children with cancer one week a year away at a summer camp to help them with their hard times. my girlfriend, Cristina, happens to be one of your biggest fans and is actually an ice skater and was hoping that when your husband was skating in Lake Worth, FL that you would come and see him so she could meet you. The purpose of this message is to generally ask for some type of reach out for either her, an auction item for the charity (which is tentatively April 16th, 2014 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Fort Lauderdale, FL) or to possibly make some children's dreams come true. I have heard about your philanthropy and how much you really do give back to the community and I can see this as another great opportunity. A response here could even be enough for my girlfriend as she likes you so much that she watches SUnday Night Football just to watch your opening act (I watch for the act and football). I believe you have the ability to see my email so I won't leave it here but I would love to hear back and maybe you could skype in during the event or at the camp for the children. Just brainstorming ideas. Hope you have a great upcoming weekend. The website for her families charity is


All of my family,friends ,and church members are VERY dissappointed with Ms Underwoods statement condoning gay couples.The bible in several places tells us what God thinks about such relationships.Ms Underwood,you have left a black eye on God's people ...of course God loves everyone,but not the sin in our lives.You have lead astray thousands of young people who DID look up to you as a christian woman.You should be ashamed of yourself."Be not decieved,God is NOT mocked,for whatsoever a person sows they shall reap.You will answer to God someday .I will keep you in my prayers that God will love you enough to reveal you the truth someday.

i wish there was a way to tell for sure that Carrie Underwood reads this but if not at least im trying something.

my wife has been going to the recording studio for the past few months trying to get her song finished up. but at times she wants to just give up. she has the talent to do, she just dosnt think she fits the part. i know she has the talent because she has been told it by complete strangers that hear her singing at gatherings in the park and at the parties that a friend puts together were people just show up play instruments and sing and things of the nature. its really hard to support her on this when money is so sight because im going to school full time and working full time and so is she.

hopefully she will have her first song finished by December. if you can help her with her dream at all please contact me you have my email i just want her to have encouragement i try as much as i can to but im her husband and im biased but i know she has the talent she is just afraid of failing.

never been to your concerts always wanted to go never had the money or couldnt go because of class or work.

to carrie underwood,
how can i send you a letter for something id like to ask you.
its about labdogs that me and my roomate have and stugleing alittle in it.
they have these new laws that are comeing out and it mite hit us alittle hard then we want.
really, really like to see if there is a funraiser you could do for me with the counry singers to help raise money to help us out at this hard times we are haveing right now.
my address jeffery whiteside
2866 rainbow st
brook park
612-987-0690 cell
email address on app.
hope to hear back from you carrie,
thanks jeffery whiteside

I am not a Carrie fan. I am not religious. I did not see Carrie's rendition of the sound of Music (one of my favorite movies).
I am a classic Rock/Blues fan
I think that Critics are critics because they are not good at anything else. They are like paparazzi....they need a life
I am proud of Carrie because she got instantly famous and DIDN'T become a scumbag

Go Carrie!

Hi Carrie , I will be attending your show in Baltimore , at First Mariners , with my neice Lauren , she is special needs and one of your biggest fans . It would be amazing for her to meet you , please let me know if there is any why this could be made possible . Thank you , God Bless, Debbie Reichlin

I know this is a shot in the dark, but I have concerns of my daughter and her starting to have an eating disorder. She idolizes Carrie Underwood and is starting to do unhealthy mental and physical things in order to "Look Skinny" like Carrie. I have heard Carrie has experience with stuff like this and I really am reaching out for some help for my kid.

My fear is this communication will drop on the floor. If this forum actually reaches Carrie I would really appreciate some sort of feedback about this. My end goal really would be some sort of contact with my daughter and the danger that this sort of thinking and action is going to have on her. I thank you in advance for any help on this matter you can provide me.

Carrie, I have been a fan, God has certainly given you much talent and opportunities. But He did so for a reason. As you have been granted more, more will be required of you. (Lu 12:48) I am more than disappointed in your latest public support of the Gay lifestyle.

Have you noticed who applauds you in this stance and who doesn’t? That should tell you something. Yes, the world will love you, but are you being true to the truth of the Word? Are you fulfilling your calling by God?

John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world , but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

In your quest to be loving and tolerant are you furthering the Militant Gay agenda. They are not looking just for special rights, but they will not stop until they remove the scriptures from the bible which condemns their loose and sinful lifestyle. They want God to back down and change His word. Well we both know that is not going to happen.

I can see that you, like many of the current generation has abandoned the Bible for the culture of love and tolerance. But what you haven't considered is that what you are doing is supporting the lie that the Gay lifestyle is acceptable with God, and it's not. God does love everyone, but He has standards and laws to which He expects people to obey to get into His heaven. But He does not just demand obedience, He also lovingly offers the help and guidance to overcome sin. (all sin) Unfortunately, the Gay agenda and our modern culture insists that they are OK and not in need of God's forgiveness or help. On judgment day they will be surprised, but not as much as liberal so-called Christians who think they are more enlightened than to follow the Word of God.

Carrie you grew up in a Christian home and sat under a Christian preacher for most of your life, you should know better. If you really loved the lost (all sinners) then use your God given platform to tell them the truth, not let them continue in their deception.

1 Cor 6: 9 (NIV) Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Dear Carrie, I will be attending your show on Nov 7th in Baltimore with my 15 year old daughter. She is a huge fan and your concert was her birthday present. If it is possible for to wish her a happy birthday at the show it would make her night. Her name is Cierra and she is truly a good kid. thank you!

I know it is hard to be in the spot light.. I was looking for a snail mail address to wrtie to.. Every site has nothing but Blogs or messages out in public,, Thanks for the time to read abd digest the request,, In His Name and Grace Jane Gibe
856 453 0570
105 Shady Brook Lane Bridgeton NJ 08302

Carrie I was wondering if you would like to help out by giving to my fund online go to it to help disable/ seniors get the apartment fix up under American with Disability Act. this is a big demand. This website only lets you pledge this amount $9999.9999. I need $8 million to keep it going. also we need to get a bus so they can go on outing. I'm gong to try to buy this apartment.I live here now. and I'm disable also. There is a lot that need to be done here, from the inside and the grounds need to be work on too.if you go to this website look under Pami Wahl
Also you can get hold of me at Hope ever one that read this will help out please!

At the Bryce Jordan center a couple of years ago
someone, my son Mike, yelled out I love you Carrie, in which you responded I love you too!
Well here we go again, you will be appearing in hershey on 3/25/13, which is mikes birthday!! I will be buying him tickets for his bday! Please try to give him a shout out on his bday! Thanks
Mikes mom.

I don't know if Carrie reads these posts or not, but I wanted to let her know how much she helped my mother through the darkest part of our lives. My mother and I watched Carrie win American Idol and from that point on she became one of Carrie's biggest fans. My mother developed stage 4 breast cancer and even through the agony of the chemo treatments she followed Carrie's career. I hated leaving my mother home all day by herself, but she had CMT and Carrie's videos to keep her company, which she would tell me all about every afternoon. I truly believe Carrie's music helped take away some of my mother's pain. Well she fought all she could and passed away in August of 2011. Carrie's music played at the funeral as my mother's spirit departed this world to be with my father in the next. If Carrie does read these posts, thank you!!! Even though you never met my mother you were with her when she needed something to take her mind off the cancer. Her name was Sula and she lived, breathed, and died a true country fan.

Hi Carrie

I HOPE YOU WILL READ THIS SHORT MESSAGE. I just have some song materials that maybe you maybe interested to listen to. I am very sure you will love this as the melody really fits you. Who knows! this may become another hit. I really hope you will give this a chance. Apologize to anyone that maybe offended by my offer, no intention to step on someone else' toes.

Thank you so much and wishing you more success, guidance and most of all - wisdom from above.

Kind regards,

My name is Ed, from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I will be attending your show next week and I have a special request...My dad is 77 years old and will be here for Thanksgiving, he has never seen a show of yours except on t.v. and he and my brother will both be attending the show. His favorite song is "How Great Thou Art". Is there any chance that you could sing it for him? I totally understand if you can't, but it would mean so much to both of us. Thank You! Ed.

Carrie, i know you get a lot of requests but you are coming to Charlestown next month. We live about 3 hours from there in western Maryland. On that date, the 8th of May, me and my fiancee will be together 3 years now. Also his birthday is the 12th. Is there any specail tickets i can buy for better or closer seats? Greg my fiancee, has been deaf since he was 5 years old. He hears nothing without his hearing aids. Then with those it helps him be more aware of his surroundings with louder noises. But he has always loved country music. And the very first time i rode with him in his truck, he started the truck up and the cd played comes on. It was so loud, it scared me. His speakers in his truck were blown and making noise but he had Carrie Underwood playing. Even though he cant hear, he says he can feel the beat and feel the music. He says Carrie gives him the chills. But anything I could do to make his birthday one he will never forget would be great. either way, we will be there! Thanks!

Hi Carrie, just wanted to let you know that my daughter Emma absolutely loves you, and we went to your concert here in San Antonio, TX a few years ago. She sang How Great Thou Art in the same rendition you've sang it in at one of her recitals (she takes voice lessons). It's from a two years ago, but she still wanted me to send it (links below). We wanted to e-mail it, but couldn't find an e-mail address for you. Anyway, we hope you like it Smiling

First of all, if Carrie really gets the time to read these posts; I want to say thank you. I am a huge fan and your music and just you inspire me. I just have one question for ya, Do you ever take a lil time out from all the media/spotlight and do something just as amazing for someone that would bring joy and happiness without all them cameras following you around? If you was to actually do something like that what would you like to do for a complete stranger but a devoted fan? Think about it, and if you can write me. My name is Tiffany Mason at PO Box 152 Topton, NC 28781.

God Bless you Smiling

Dear Carrie:

I am very hopeful you and Mike will read this.
Carrie, I have loved you and your singing from the very beginning on American Idol. I just cannot believe (as a "professed" Christian) you are condoning homosexuality! How clear does the Bible need to be for Christians; and, even sinners to understand (IF, when reading the Bible) that a man or a woman who lies with the same sex is definitely not Biblical and it is an abomination!

Please read Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1: 26-28 for starters. These Bible verses are very clear.

Mike and Carrie if the church you are attending okays homosexuality....I say leave that church immediately! Those teachings are false!

Carrie, you have appeared to be such a sweet person (down-to-earth)......don't be deceived by the world's standards. Stand back, listen up, take a look, as to how you have marred your image by speaking in a manner as to say homosexuality is okay.

Keeping you in my prayers

Please pray & send condolences for the family and friends of Katie Rios age 17 from Porter, TX who passed away on April 11, 2013.

Here is a video of beautiful cheerful 17 year old Katie Rios singing "Jesus Take the Wheel"
<iframe src="" width="224" height="400" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Full story below:

I am an ordinary person, a wife with a husband, a mother, and a Christian and I agree with you, Carrie. I am so proud of you for upholding the teachings of Christ that so many Christians have forgotten. Jesus never wanted us to judge or treat anyone the way that so many people are treating homosexuals and they are doing it in his name. Show me one place where Jesus told us treat homosexuals in such an unkind way. For those of you who are criticizing Carrie for her stance on gay marriage, show me any place where Jesus said to treat her the way you are treating her. As for the Bible, there are many things in it that we have had to put aside. It's okay to get a divorce now, it's no longer okay to own slaves, and it's not okay to stone women any more. Clearly, the words of Jesus hold more weight than the words of Leviticus. Jesus said to love each other and to not judge each other. According to Jesus, we will be judged by God on how we treated the least of us. (not by whether we kept homosexuals from getting married) My hope is that Christians will begin to remember the words of Jesus and act more like Christians just like Carrie acts like a true Christian because she lives the teachings of Christ.

Hi Carrie. I love your song "Mama's Song". I was wondering if you ever thought about recording it again changing the words to fit boys to their moms? My oldest son is getting married next year and I would love to dance with him to this song.

I'm a conservative 63 year old married guy, father,veteran and former police officer who lives out in the country. I fully support Carrie's stance on marriage. Everyone deserves to have the right to be as happy as I am in my marriage and my life.
You go girl.

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