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Carrie Underwood Discussion

Is Carrie Underwood a born again Christian?

She may have spoken about this publicly before that I'm not aware of, but it's something I've been wondering about lately. I always kind of assumed she was becasuse she sang "Jesus Take the Wheel" and talks so often about how blessed she is. I watched the People's Choice Awards where she was on stage (fully clothed) and said how God had given her a wonderful career and wonderful fans who gave her so many awards. I kind of mentally put her in the category of "very likely a born again Christian". Then, about a month later, I saw her on the Grammys dancing around in what seemed to be a pair of white underpants and some kind of see-through shirt/skirt, singing about a drunken fling in Vegas. I've also, since then, seen some pictures of her in some rather immodest clothing (particularly a certain yellow dress) and have moved her to the category of "I honestly don't know" and put a check mark in the "pray for Carrie Underwood" box.


I don't know if Carrie is a believer or not. It should be obvious to us. At least I hope it is to others about my life. I think someone made the statement that at the beginning she may have had a deeper commitment, and then as time has gone on, and she has become more popular, she has gotten herself in a "game" if you will where they will wear her out, and she does have to do to some degree what they want her to do.

There has been a LOT of talk about her clothing. I am deeply saddened to hear that to many this does not matter. Many of you have said that if we just read our Bibles, we would know that. The Scriptures are very clear that we are not to cause another person to sin. When Carrie or the girl next door dresses in such a way that you can see a lot of what should not be exposed, you are probably causing someone to sin. Go to, and look at how these kinds of things can lead men to look at porn. It is beginning in young boys as young as 9 years old.

It all starts and ends with the heart. If your heart is right, and whatever you are doing you would be comfortable doing in the presence of Jesus, then that should be your measure. Not what is happening in the entertainment world. Not what is "expected" of you. What does Jesus say about it? Seems to me, He says, "Come to me first", and then "repent and be baptized". Then he says to preach Christ and Him crucified. One thing I am noticing a lot of lately, (and I am sure I have done it many times as well is "thank God for all He has given me. Can I thank Him for the wheelchair I now sit in? I am learning. I can easily thank Him for my house and car, but when things don't go as planned, are we still able to thank Him? If there isn't anything going wrong in your life, then you are aren't doing battle with the enemy, which Jesus promised would happen if you belong to Him.

I do not believe she is a Christian as she supports 2 men marrying each other also 2 woman marrying each other. Do not be mislead by baseless arguments. The Bible clearly teaches that commiting homosexual acts are a sin. We should love each other regardless as we are all sinners. The apostle Paul who was picked by Christ clearly tells us that homosexuality is a abomination. Clearly we are in the last days when sin is called good. Pray for Carrie.

Hey! I know all these comments are quite a few years old now, but I came across them and thought I might share my opinion on this subject. I'm a massive Carrie Underwood fan, and have been following her for sometime now. I'm a very faithful person, I attend a Christian school, and church regularly. Firstly I'd like to point out that nobody has a right to set themselves up in a place of judgement like you do nothing wrong at all. But if you were to 'judge' her and her life, to me, she seems to very committed to her faith. She often will speak out about it. You only have to look at her life, and the kind of people she spends most of her time with to figure out that she seems very genuine about her faith. For starts her husband is an amazing man. He has written a testimony book and speaks out about his faith in a very pure and genuine way. I don't see how a man like him could have married somebody who wasn't as committed to their faith too. Christianity seems to play a huge role in their marriage. Secondly, her friends certainly seem to have similar values and beliefs too. Check out her band members as well. Many of them seem to have backgrounds in church, and I've heard a few of them talking about playing in their church's worship band when they are not on the road. I've never heard of her doing anything remotely stupid- in public anyway. She always handles herself with grace and class, always very eloquent and respectful during interviews and on stage. She never has a bad word to say about anyone or anything for that matter. She's always very positive and ultimately seems to treat people very well. Granted, she can be a bit sexy on times. But come on, she's a young woman who feels good about herself. Honestly what's the worst thing she tends to wear, on stage, music videos, or for photo shoots? Shorts. Shorts that always do seem to cover everything, I never noticed otherwise. I don't think I've even seen her show off her stomach really on stage, or for a photo shoot. It's not as if she's ever graced the stage in her underwear or in a sex outfit like many other artists do today. She usually will dress very classy. She sassy but still very classy and ladylike about it. You never see anything you shouldn't- and that's all you can ask for really. She doesn't have to be in floor length skirts and polo necks to be a 'Christian' Hope I haven't offended anyone, just wanted to put a point across! Smiling

I am not a Carrie Underwood fan nor a fan of this world. I am however a friend of Jesus. I know we all need God's grace and forgiveness that only Jesus death on the cross can offer.
Carrie Underwood is caught up in a very serious game, a game that plays for keeps to those that enter therein. There are no take-backs in the field she has chosen to participate. Which is why she may have seemed like a genuine believer in the beginning because she may have been. She may have sincerely thought she could be a country music "STAR" and serve Jesus but the music industry is not so gracious. It is satan's playground and once you join that arena you either play the game their way or....well there is no other way. If I am correct once you are in you are in. Jesus said... "you cannot serve both God and mammon." I fear for her which is why she seems to be caught between two opinions because if she has not already....she is losing herself. They do not promise you fame without making sure you "pay the piper"!

Wow, I can't believe people are honestly thinking she's given up on her faith. Wearing short shorts doesn't mean someone isn't a Christian anymore. The one person Carrie ALWAYS thanks is God, she always says how blessed she is and how grateful she is to God for giving her everything she has and she gives him credit for all of her accomplishments. I have never doubted Carrie's faith, not for a second. And I still don't.

As a "born again" Christian myself, in the beginning I came to admire Carrie because I, too, was under the impression that she was a Christian believer, besides being an extraordinarily gifted country singer. But after further review of her "career moves" I think it's best to just admire her for her artistic gifts, which are endless, and drop the "Christian" illusions about her. I say to myself, "Hey, she's a 'Country-pop' singer, not a 'Contemporary Christian' or 'Southern Gospel' singer" She could've been one of these two things, but instead chose to be a "pop" artist. That alone speaks volumes, for those willing to hear. Let's not harbor unwarranted expectations about her, but instead let's continue enjoying her magnificent voice, just like any oher artist. Besides, we have plenty of other Christian artists that do "talk the talk; and walk the walk", but are ignored by the mainstream media despite being greatly talented. Maybe we should show them a little more support.

Dear millstone
I hope that you are able to see my post, since it's been a couple of years since you asked this question. A friend posted Carrie singing "How Great Thou Art" and I was wondering the same thing you were. I have read several comments on this forum and of course everyone is bashing you and coming to the defense of Carrie. So here is one that will support your thoughts. First off every comment I read was the opinion of the writer, but know one talked about what the bible says. We can just go to God's word and let Him answer your question. I st off, only God knows who is saved and who isn,t so I will not give any opinion on weather Carrie is a christian or not, but for the writers who say we are not allowed to judge are not totally correct. The Bible says "ye will know them by there fruits" Mathew 7: 16,20. This now makes all Christians fruit inspectors, first inspecting ourselves and then others. How about 1Thes 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. MMM.. short dresses, low cut tops exposing the breast. How about Psalms 19:18 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy site O Lord my strength and my redeemer. I could go on and on. The sad thing about all of this is that many so called Christians are carnal. They call themselves born again but hardly ever open there bibles. We are commanded to love the Lord thy God with all our hearts. God hates luk warmness. You can't have it both ways. So bloggers who have bashed millstone . I challenge you to read your bibles, seek Gods wisdom for your life and become fruit inspectors through the eyes of Jesus. P.S. Does Carrie have a salvation message somewhere?

I've also, since then, seen some pictures of her in some rather immodest clothing (particularly a certain yellow dress) and have moved her to the category of "I honestly don't know" and put a check mark in the "pray for Thanks!<br />----------------------<br /><a href=" /">Cheap NFL Jersey</a>
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I've also, since then, seen some pictures of her in some rather immodest clothing (particularly a certain yellow dress) and have moved her to the category of "I honestly don't know" and put a check mark in the "pray for Carrie Underwood" box.
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I've tried to explain that I didn't mean to be hurtful by asking this question, but two more "How dare you?" replies and one extremely strange Puzzled message this morning lead me to believe maybe I should try again. I thought some of the replies were due to people not reading the previous posts, but I'm starting to figure out that I have very poor communication skills.

I do realize that the question is worded in such a way that it looks like I'm trying to say Carrie isn't a Christian because she wears the wrong clothes. I really regret that. I actually thought I should probably delete everything after the word "lately" (like one other guy on here already did with his posts) so people would stop getting mad, but evidently you can only edit or delete posts -- the original question is there forever.

For some reason it seemed very important, at the time, to explain why I was asking the question (everything after the word "lately"). I have since figured out that it wasn't necessary or helpful. It would be easy to blame it on the fact that I'm a guy and not always very sensitive to what's going to offend people, but of the many lectures my sisters have given me over the years, I seem to remember a couple of them being about not being so careless when talking about a woman's appearance/wardrobe. <strong> I should have known better</strong>. (For you women who haven't already figured it out, what you're wearing is one of the first things a man will notice about you, and believe it or not, it is something men talk about. It will strongly influence his impression of you, either for good or for bad. I've been on some sports teams, etc. with some incredibly jerky guys and, surprisingly, even they take notice of the good girls. They may be dating all the bad ones, but <strong>everyone</strong> notices the good ones.)

The question I was actually trying to ask is "Is Carrie Underwood's life/career going to have a happy ending?' When you look at people like Elvis Presley or even Michael Jackson, both were wildly popular and successful, but neither had what I would call a happy ending. It's almost like they were drowning in their own success and we all just stood back and helplessly watched it happen. When someone offers you everything under the sun and only asks for a few small compromises in return, that's a hard deal to pass up, unless,of course, you're able to look that person squarely in the eye and say "No thanks, Jesus has made me a better offer." That's why I was asking about her being a born again Christian. I didn't come on here to say something mean. I actually was looking for a little hope that ten or twenty years from now I won't look back at Carrie Underwood with the same sadness I feel when I look back at so many others.

It is not up to you to decide if Carrie is a Born Again Christian just because she wears colthes that are not acceptable to you. What is she supposed to do wear the same outfit for every song. Being a Christian isn't about what you wear,and besides she is an entertainer,being a CHristian is about who you are and how you treat people and with your comment Im gonna put a check next to your name for a prayer for you. The only one who can pass judgement is GOD, and yes i am a Born Again Christian, I am not perfect but i am forgiven

It is not your, mine or anyone eles place to ask something like that to pass jugdement on any one is so wrong.
you talking about moving carrie from "very likely a born again Christian" to "I honestly don't know" and put a check mark in the "pray for Carrie Underwood" box. That is so wrong . I'll be praying the carrie does not see this post.
Yes I feel whole heartly feel Carrie is .

I just didn’t like the question directed at Carrie. If it were asked, "How can I tell if someone were saved?" then I wouldn't have had a problem. So I posted the gospel message in a separate location on my blog. By the way I have two accounts on this site and have it posted there as well.

Privatepop - I see now what you did....guess you had a change of heart. Smiling

Brenda - I think the whole point of the gospel is that what makes you a Christian isn't what you do for Christ (charitable works, etc.) but what Christ has done for you: shedding His blood to wash away your sins. Smiling Smiling

Privatepop - What happened to your Rick Warren post?

Carrie is a Christian-she proves it almost daily, through all her charities, feeding the children, feeding the homeless, taking needed things to africa, breast cancer, giving to schools, and on and on.

CarrieRoxWorld11 - You're actually the second person on this thread to bring up Miley Cyrus' pole dancing. I didn't see it (I haven't been a teen for over a decade) but it sounds like it was pretty bad. I wonder if anyone on her website cared enough about her to say anything about it .... and if so, what kind of reaction they got.

I'd like to thank everyone that's posted for all the insight and information. We're at the point where we're covering the same ground over and over, so I think it's time for me to humbly bow out. If anyone was offended by anything I've posted, I'm very sorry.

Except for some minor misunderstandings, I've found you guys to be a very gracious group of people (especially given how poorly the question was worded). Thank you for your courtesy.

**Correction to my last Post:** I said that Carrie was raised in the Southern Baptist Church, when I meant to say the FREE WILL BAPTIST CHURCH! Sorry for the mess up! But the point is-she's Baptist, which is a form of Christianity! CARRIE IS CHRISTIAN!!!

I can't believe this is happening to me. The weirdest thing is it was just a dream, and now it's actually real. It's hard to believe sometimes.

Carrie is defintely Christian. She was raised in the Southern Baptist Church. And when she sang Last Name on the Grammy's she wasn't in underpants and a see-through shirt, she was wearing a white, long-pants Elvis inspired suit to go along with the Vegas theme. There was nothing wrong with it. Carrie displays very good taste and has wholesome values. If you think SHE was dressed inappropriately, look at Miley Cyrus at the 2009 Teen Choice awards (16 year old pole dancing with her bra hanging out?!?! she needs help...) So please, don't judge Carrie, she is purely a Christian and she displays that in her actions. There should be no question about it. This is Carrie's fan site, people should not be starting topics that are questioning her morals. We are fans, this is wrong. Thank you.

CARRIE IS A CHRISTIAN!!! I love you Carrie! <333

I can't believe this is happening to me. The weirdest thing is it was just a dream, and now it's actually real. It's hard to believe sometimes.

Brenda - I guess I was posting the same time you were. If you read the whole thread I hope you can understand that this wasn't intended to be "judging". I can't control what others write on here, but I was just looking for a yes or no and here's how I know. I thought for sure in almost four years time someone would have heard her testimony and would be able to relay it to me. I can speculate like anyone else - I just thought someone here might have something specific. I couldn't find the answer elsewhere.

I've heard of THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE by Rick Warren, but I didn't (and still don't) know that much about it. It's pretty cool that you know this stuff privatepop. People that are in to theology today are pretty rare.

I am a Christian, raised my a minister, and I was taught to never Judge, Carrie is a good person, and always thanks God. I think this should end, would not want to find myself judging others, have a lovely Sunday Evening.

Well, she does so many things that people never hear. To feed and shelter homeless, she had a program with a huge radio station , and a huge food chain, and people. Enough money was raised in a very short time to reopen two large soup kitchens that feed thousands every day-How do I know this, I personally was involved in it, and no one would ever know the many lives she touched, and that she matched every dollar that was given to care for children so parents could find a job ,and their children be fed and cared for in a place where the parents could work without worry. Thats our Carrie. That money is still working, I am an eye witness, and so is God!!

God Bless Carrie.

Dakota - I went back and read your post again today and feel that I owe you an apology. You were making some very good points - what it means to truly follow Christ, that caring for children is infinitely more important that caring for animals, etc. and then I came along and shot you down. I'm very sorry.

What bothered me about what you were saying is that someone's life is usually made up of much more than what's in their press releases. For example, I read an article a while back about Jewel's charity, Give A Drop, that drills wells for people who live in areas where getting clean water is a problem. The article mentioned that Brooks and Dunn and Carrie Underwood had signed on to help. That didn't get anywhere near the press that the Home Sweet Home/Humane Society thing did. For all we know, Carrie may be giving 10 times as much money to help pregnant women or to support adoption as she is to animal causes. She may just be not "letting her right hand know what her left hand is doing" which is the right way to give. Since we can't know, I just didn't want to see her get thrown under a bus , especially when there are so many other people involved with the entertainment industry that actually probably should be Jawdropping! .

As far as Carrie's testimony goes, I've noticed several of you guys have been posting about communicating with Carrie directly through her fan site. I was wondering if this might not be a topic one of you would be willing to raise over there. I've never known a Christian who wasn't willing (if not eager) to tell other people about their relationship with Jesus Christ, especially when they know that it is something that people are interested in.

I kind of regret the way I phrased this question. I didn't mean to paint a target on Carrie Underwood's back. I actually think she and Josh Turner are two of the cleanest acts in country music. (Thankfully Josh hasn't decided to show us his underpants......yet Smiling )

Let's face it, none of us look enough like Jesus Christ and we all could stand to draw a little closer to Him. It's very easy for me to share my testimony on an anonymous celebrity website, but I wonder if I would be so bold if someone put a camera in my face. I hope I would. If and when Carrie shares her testimony, we'll all get the answer. Until then, there isn't really much more to discuss.

What I do think is an appropriate topic for discussion is the matter of Christian dress. Whether you're a multi-platinum entertainer, a teenage girl or some smelly "goat milker" I think we all have to ask ourselves "Who is the weakest person I can expect to cross my path today?" and then dress in a way that won't cause that person to sin. Christian love dictates that we be more concerned about the spiritual welfare of those around us than our own comfort, style or personal preferences in clothing.

Actions speak louder than words. I often wonder how many of the young women I see are going to be able to teach their own daughters about modesty, especially when they see pictures of what their mothers used to wear.

I have noticed that only in Country Music can you be accepted as a "Christian". Anyone can thank "GOD"... That in and of itself does not show Carrie to be a devout disciple of Jesus Christ. Her local charities help many areas, including animals... I don't recall reading anywhere in the Bible where Jesus mentioned helping animals with millions of dollars while babies are slaughtered by "choice" everyday... Hey don't get me wrong, everyone loves animals, but Carrie can take a very hard line stance once and for all and begin a charity that is squarely aimed at solid Biblical values, beliefs and doctorine... Yes Carrie is an entertainer, but if she is a Christian, she needs to be very concerned about being modest according to the standards of Jesus Christ who we all will stand before one day and give an account to... Carrie has a tender heart, that is for sure, but if she loves Jesus, and is sold out to Him alone, then I believe that she would be making quite a few different choices, especially when dating and engaging in all of the temptations that so easily entangle us... She is in the eye of the storm... Their is a real spiritual adversary who would very much love for Carrie to discrace Jesus day in and day out... One of my favorite passages of scripture is when God tells the Isrealites that their "lips are close to Him, but their hearts are very far away." With all of the fame and all of the noise, my prayer is that God would get ahold of His daughter's attention very soon, before He becomes nothing more than a symbol (cross) that she wears around her neck, and not a woman who lives and breathes for the world to know about the blood that was shed on Calvary 2000 years ago by Jesus Christ for all that would be drawn to Him by the Father... Living for Christ means dying to ones own hopes, dreams and ambitions... We have to let Jesus fill our lives with what He wills for us... We need to live for His plans and His purposes... And for Carrie, that may mean leaving Nashville and all of the lime light behind....

You guys have actually raised some very interesting questions here:

Should entertainers be held to different standards than the rest of us, either higher or lower?

In a culture where women are expected to be comfortable showing everything but "nipples and genitals", what are the standards for Christian dress?

Given the fact that so many young girls/women are on this site, this could be a really important discussion to have.

she thanks her fans too. she allways give back to the fans thats why i respect her

One of the reasons I admire her is that she is not shy about letting people know she is a Christian. And I might add that I haven't seen her do or wear anything that would disgrace the Lord. 0:-)

I’m more than happy to discuss theology with anyone but I feel uncomfortable talking about it surrounding Carrie’s name. So I decided to remove my comments.

I can tell by her lyrics, her strength in character, and by the backdrops (large stage pictures) that Carrie is a true Christian. She also regularly thanks God as we all should. I get the impression she was brought up that way and has been that way all her life. I do not know if she was "born again". God choses the people he saves. He may have saved her real early in life. Possibly so early she may not have "Sinned" or she was in his grace at such a young age that is all she knows. Most older people who experience God's grace tend to use that "born again" phrase. It's meaning is clear in the Bible. I am blessed to have experienced God's grace. I am honored he chose me. I prayed when I was little and went to church. However, I experienced a closeness to God later in adulthood. I actually witnessed Bible truths and know I now know God. I do not know Carrie's "story". However I can tell she is a believer in Christ. I am glad she is not ashamed to show her beliefs in her music and in her life. I think Carrie is a wonderful girl.
I think she also wears very classy clothes and dresses and looks the part. Keep in mind her life is in the public spotlight. Sometimes she may have had pictures surface she was not aware of. Also, advertising usually has a premise to "sell" things. Sometimes videos capture things in ways to sell products. However, these same videos can "teach" too. They can teach young girls to avoid mistakes they might have otherwise "made". The video presentation can highlight a "bad choice" so people will make good ones. Also, you may be judging Carrie too critically. She can cut loose sometimes and have fun and still be a "Christian". Remember, God is the ultimate judge. Carrie you are wonderful. God truly blessed you with great talent. Keep up the good work.

Carrie is without a doubt a true Christian. Ever notice that one of the first people she thanks for an award is God? Also check out her thank you notes on the inside of her Some Hearts album. the first think she says after her whole studio section is "All thanks in the world goes to God. I did nothing to deserve this and the wonderful chance He's given me." At her concerts before Jesus Take the Wheel, she says it's one of the most important songs to her because of her faith in Jesus. So, ya, Carrie is for sure a Christian. Sure she shows some skin, but who doesn't these days? Plus, she doesn't dance inappropriately, she never swears in her songs, and she's one of the sweetest people ever! She does an incredible job of showing her faith.

Also, if you watch the finale version of American Idol Rewind, season 4, you can watch Carrie say that it's impossible to believe that other forces weren't at work on the stage, and that angels really did put her there. (after singing "Angels Brought Me Here.")

Just because she shows some skin doesn't mean she can't be a Christian. I've never seen her shake her stuff on stage or anything. And even if she sings that song, Last Name, she still would be faithful...

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I've gotta say,you guys sure seem to be a pretty defensive bunch. I guess that's why they call it a discussion board. Smiling

Let me say first of all that I strongly suspect that Carrie is as "born again" as any one can be or ever has been. I saw some things that raised the question in my mind. I sought out some knowledgable people and posed the question. It wasn't meant to be slanderous or "bashing" and I wasn't looking to make some kind of case against her. I don't disagree with anyone that she's a wonderful,kind young woman. I'll actually see your wonderful and kind, and raise you intelligent, witty, generous, thrifty, nice and brave. That being said what I was actually looking for was a testimony that would both confirm my suspicions and alleve any lingering doubts. Having said that, I really hope no one wants to revisit this issue again.

Old Goat 34 -- I'd like to devote the rest of this little box that I'm typing in to you. I wasn't going to reply to what you said. I said my piece and you said yours and I figured I'd just let it go. The thing is, you used the word "nonsense" and that kind of got to me.

Let me start out by saying that I have only ever attended Baptist churches (given my knowledge of what goes on in the typical Baptist church choir, you probably should have left that part out of your argument -- it may have actually weakened your case Smiling ) and not just Baptist, but Freewill Baptist which I believe is actually the same as the church Carrie grew up in back in Checotah. I tell you that, so that when you hear what I'm about to say, you don't think it's because I don't like Baptists:

Being a Christian has absolutly nothing to do with Baptist churches, choirs or speeches made at awards shows. For that matter, it has almost nothing to do with "edgy songs", "skimpy outfits" or an "underpants dance" at the Grammys either. Being a Christian is about a transaction that takes place between you and God where God takes away your sins and replaces them with the righteousness of Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. A righteousness that none of us deserve.

I was raised in a Christian home and have lived what most people would consider to be an extremely clean and moral life. If you met me the day before I was saved, you probably would have thought I was a Christian. If you met me the day after I was saved, you probably wouldn't have noticed much difference. But to me, on the inside, my life was totally changed and totally new. That's what the Bible refers to as being "born again". "Born Again Christian" is actually a redundant term. Being born again is what makes you a Christian.

I work for our family business farming, logging, mechanicing (if that's a word) and hauling an occasional load of scrap metal. My days are full of manure, hay dust, grease and diesel engine grime. I say that to let you know that I'm a smelly, dirty, rough and seedy looking guy most of the time. If you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn't think to yourself "There's a born again Christian". On the contrary, you'd probably reach for your taser -- you know -- just in case.Smiling The changes God made in me are not externally visible. For you to really understand what has taken place in my life, either God or I have to tell you about it. That's were we get the expression " a testimony is worth a thousand circumstantial evidences" Smiling

You may not understand or agree with everything I've said. If you'd like to try to "set me straight" theologically you can, but I hope you at least understand a little better where I'm coming from. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the farthest thing from nonsense. It's the best news and unfortunately the best kept secret in the world!

I hope there are no hard feelings between us. I actually like goats. As a matter of fact I just milked one about 6 hours ago. Smiling

Anyone who follows what Carrie does would never question whether she's a Christian or not they know she is,there have even been pictures posted of her with some admirers in the church she attends a Baptist Church in Nashville.Plus the pictures of her in her hometown Baptist Church where she sang in the choir and attended with her family.I have never heard a entertainer Praise God more than Carrie Does she never forgets to as for what she wears she's a entertainer.Its her job to wear costumes sometimes a little daring but she never goes over the edge she is always concious of here image and even consults her Mom when in doubt.Go on YouTube and check every time she wins a Award and you'll also find where she sang "How Great Thou Art" for the Opry and its available on a Opry CD.This is nonsense to be posted if you have doubts research what she does privately and proffessionally it available to the public.
Carrie is my new Favorite Vocalist

No problem. I've noticed there are some touchy subjects on this site especially the Humane Society and Taylor Swift! Smiling

You say "otherwise what else....." I don't know how things are in Malaysia, but here in America, we have a whole bunch of people who talk about God and being blessed who aren't even close to being Christian. I don't actually think Carrie would fall into that category, but there is no way to look into her heart and see. That's why I asked the question and why I would still really like to know the answer.

What I do know is that the road to riches and fame is both treacherous and slippery. A lot of people with good values, from small towns and from good families have destroyed both their lives and testimonies by trying to walk on it.

I also know that Jesus Christ is more than able to guide Carrie or anyone else safely down that road and bring them to the place where He wants them to be. The secret is keeping as close as you possibly can to Him.

I'm guessing by the lack of responses to this post that this isn't a topic that Carrie talks about very often publicly. I guess that probably God and Carrie are the only two who could answer my question with any kind of authority. Seeing that Carrie is probably busy with her concert today, and I'm already on speaking terms with God, I think I'll keep taking the matter to Him and stop bugging you fine people with questions you can't answer.

celinebong- If you don't mind, I'd really like to message you and find out more about the spiritual state-of-affairs in your country. If that's something you would be interested in you can click on my user name (above where my picture would be)(You know it's funny - I've noticed that at least 90% of the people on this site look almost EXACTLY like Carrie Underwood - must be some kind of strange coincidence) and when you get to my profile page click on "message me". Then you can write "yes, I'll talk to you"....."leave me alone" ......"I hate you, you Carrie bashing ogre"..anything you want -- and it will be just between us. Smiling

Haha sry whos-steering. I just do not like negative comments, even little ones, about Carrie. BTW you should know Carrie is a Christian otherwise what else.... Eye-wink

celinebong - You've got me wrong. I'm not bashing - I actually think you would be hard pressed to find a nicer girl anywhere in the world. It was an honest question. I hoped there would be some kind of Carrie genius on here (the kind of person who knows everything from when she got her first tooth to what her blood type is) or someone who actually might even know her personally who might be able to set my mind at ease. You guys mentioned Miley but there have been a whole string of talented young women that have been messed up by success. It's heartbreaking to watch happen and would be incredibly more so if Carrie joined their ranks. That's what prompted my question. I also think "born again" or not we should all be praying for Carrie. There has got to be an incredible amount of temptation for someone in her shoes.

Well put! And look at Miley Cyrus! She started off a sweet, innocent teenage girl. And now she's poledancing at award shows! No offense to Miley. But Carrie could be out there doin that! But I don't think she ever will.

I'm 100% sure Carrie is a Christian. I do not have to be sure, cause its true anyway. You can ask her momma. Sticking out tongue
Carrie used to be all clothed up, but now she can wear something more not fully clothed up. You have to remember once a person is used to the cameras, they'll be more confident with what they are wearing. But Carrie would NEVER wear something crazy and extremely exposed. She's got awesome legs to show to other ppl, to show that she has been working out really hard.
Writing about being drunk? You must be talking about Last Name. Sure its something to do with drinking, at the night club, don't he's last name... But its mostly about being careful about what you are doing. Usually bashers pick Last Name to insult Carrie's writing. But that's about being be careful. What about Crazy Dreams, ppl having crazy dreams and thanking God that crazy dreams come true?
Carrie will always be Carrie and she'll never forget where she came from. You can say all the bad things you like about her but all your Carrie bashings are just terrible lies. (That includes every Carrie Bashers' bashing) Sticking out tongue

Well, to answer your question, I am 99% sure Carrie is a Christian. There's no doubt that she is thankful for what she has, and she always gives the credit to God! Whenever she accepts an award, she always thanks God. That's somethin that ya don't hear a lot anymore! And Carrie does have some edgy songs and may've been in some skimpy outfits, but in Country music that's not to be unexpected! I feel like her songs are actually very G rated, especially for some country music! I love country music, but it can get pretty sketchy sometimes. I'm not saying that excuses bad behavior though. And if ya look at her music, most of it isn't lke that edgy stuff. I think she's very careful with her image and music. I think if she wanted to be a bad girl and parade around in skimpy outfits all the time and dirty dance, she could! But she doesn't, and I really respect that.

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