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AMC Awards Show

While you are a beautiful and talented artist - the money you spent tonight on your "red dress" and sequined microphone could have funded my household for several months. Meanwhile you could have went on stage in a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt and still have been just as beautiful and sang just as wonderful. Careful when you gush about all the dresses of your choice ... you just might alienate some fans! We're broke out here!!!


What a commentary on our society when someone makes a comment how a entertainer dresses. Entertainers are the product- that inclused their clothng they where in public. Unfortunately the rag magazines will take pictures of entrtainers when they are not working- and, we can see that they are just like us.

As a result of being a product they are subject to inappropriate comments and inturtions into their private life. They earn alot of money and as a result of their fame this is one of the collateral results.

I enjoy Carrie Underwood for her talent. She has a beautiiful voice and it has been wonderful to have watched her singing skills grow since the first time I watcher her on American Idol. Her income doesn't effect me in anyway because it is based on the market place.

I am not rich my income and life is based on my choices and chances in life. No one owes me anything.

God bless Carrie.

carrie looked awesome at the awards show, and there's no need to be mad at her for using the money she earned fair in square. Like what has already been said, she's got the money, so why can't she spend it? Carrie gives back a lot and there's no shame in pampering yourself every once in a while. Although I respect your opinion, Carrie makes her own choices and whether you like it or not, she has the right to use her money the way she wants. She's not doing it to be mean, she just wants to look good on an important night. Lots of people are suffering in this country and all over the world, but Carrie can't help ALL of them. She does what she can (and more) and that's why so many people look up to her.

So way to go Carrie, congrats on the wins and you looked stunning the whole night!

I just read an article regarding how embarrassed you are over your acceptance speech for Entertainer of the Year. Please, please, please do not be embarrassed. You just responded to a humorous story that Matthew McConaughey told. There is no need to say more. I'm sure he did not think your response was out of line. You are a smart, beautiful person, overwhelmed by the moment. Just keep holding your head high and move on!

Her dress was absolutely beautiful. She gives enough to help out those in need. Stop being selfish yourself. She is entitled to be lavish once in awhile, although she is just as beautiful in blue jeans. Remember it's only one night and then things go back to normal. Carrie can wear whatever she wants and those who oppose need to just get over it. The awards are over.

CarrieIsDaBomb is right. If I had the money, I'd spend it on stuff like that too. A nice Suit would be awesome. A flat screen TV.... A nice better faster Computer... Surround sound... BUT GUESS WHAT? I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY.... You don't see me complaining... I thought she looked great. So get over yourself.

It can open your heart. It can break you apart. And it never even slows down. It's the wheel of the world turning around... and around.

She gives to charities so she's no spoiled brat, it kinda seems like you are.
She has the money but she's not allowed to spend it?

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I really think it's sad that there are people in this world (including this board) who begrudge others of the "finer things". As long as people come by it honestly, it doesn't bother me a bit--I hope to be one of them some day! When people are blessed with financial wealth, they do what most of us would do--buy things that we want--not necessarily what they need. There's nothing wrong for that when you've earned it! Just because you may be having a rough time financially and Carrie or any other wealthy person isn't giving YOU money, doesn't mean she isn't doing something good with it in additon to enjoying it herself.

I think people who complain about crap like that are really petty, pathetic, hateful and just sad. If you're broke--go get a job! I'm sure McDonald's is hiring-don't be so proud that you "cut off your nose to spite your face!"

Don't go getting all pissed off over something you have no control over. She's a star. It comes with the job. Take a deep breath and let it go...

After All, she did earn EotY last night.

It can open your heart. It can break you apart. And it never even slows down. It's the wheel of the world turning around... and around.

carrie just respect the show by putting on great outfit...
im sure she doesnt mean to hurt some fans...

Carrie Underwood is a beautiful women who carries herself with respect and dignity.
A superstar who is still humble and grounded. She's a hard working women who gives back to socity in anyway she can. The world is a better place because of her

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