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Greatest Hits: Decade #1


Sep 292008

Topeka, KS

Landon Arena


Unbelievable show in Topeka last night.(Sept. 30) Carrie was awesome. Not to mention beautiful!! I would have gone back again tonight if she was there again. Poor little JC acted like she was scared to death, but Carrie handled it great. Can't say enough about the show. Well worth every penny. Next time Carrie's in Kansas, I'll be there!!! Hard to believe she's only been at this for 3 years. Best show I've seen in years. Little Big Town was great, too! Awesome night!! Thanks Carrie for a great show!!! Keep up the good work!! Hope to see you again soon. Longboarder941 is absolutely right, Kansas loves Carrie Underwood!!!!

I had a blast last night. September 30,2008 in Topeka,Kansas. Although when she was looking for prince charming I was there but didn't get to be him yet. Lol. My family and I are going to be going to either Tulsa,Oklahoma or St.Louis,MO. Have not decided yet, our family is from Oklahoma and Kansas. So if we go to Tulsa we will get to see family. But I am mainly going to see Carrie that is all. Anyways back to last night. Carrie was amazing, and I was in section 115 and 1 row in front of me and 3 seats over in that row, was a girl who was exactly identical to Carrie. But I did not talk to her. Hope Carrie reads this. Thanks for reading, Austin Branson - Topeka, Kansas

I just got back from the concert tonight and it was amazing. Little Big Town opened the show and they did a wonderful job, finishing their gig with Boondocks, awesome song. Carrie's performance tonight was spectacular. There was a point in the show where she brought a four year old girl, JC was her name, up on the stage with her and they both sang All American Girl. It was a great show well worth the money, I had a blast. I really hope she comes back to Topeka Kansas soon because she is very much loved here. And for those of you reading who haven't her yet and are going to soon, your are in for a treat. Between the videos montage, the wardrobe changes, the lights, stage, and music, it is so worth the money. Not to mention, she ain't half bad to look at. How would you like to spend your evening. Sitting at home watching t.v. or staring at Carrie Underwood and her singing to you. Well, you know what I picked.

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