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Greatest Hits: Decade #1

carrie forever!!!

i was really disappointed when carrie's performance of "home sweet home" was shown with the video presentation of the whole season. When carrie performs live she has this gravitational pull which makes her fans and everyone watching want to just look and even stare at her. She's such a great Idol, vocalist, artist, performer, (whatever)....I'm also very disappointed since she didn't perform during the results' night..I know she already sang twice this season (I told you so and Home Sweet Home) and even appeared for the Idol's Gives back but it's just not a great show without her performance..I remember when she sang Last Name during the Cook-Archuleta finale...PERFECT!!!

by the way, i also read that carrie tripped and fell when she was jogging last saturday morning in nashville, that's why she wore pants when she sang home sweet home and that her choreography was affected because it hurt but she still sounded great. you can see her red carpet picture during the results' night that she has a dazzling band-aid..hahaha, so cute! I LOVE CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!! can't wait for her third album.

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