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Before He Cheats

Released Apr 07, 2007


OMG CARRIE YOUR THE BEST SINGER EVER!! IM YOUR #1 FAN!!!! I have all your albums and a lot of things that has to do with you! Love ya!

I KNOW RIGHT!!! Great song im trying to figure out where she got the jacket its really nice!!Sticking out tongue

this song rocks carrie

this brings me bak to my friends memory. not lik she died or anything but its like this song, so my friend had a really good boyfriend and wen they were out walking he saw tis other blonde hair girl and looked all lovesick and since it was monday on thursday the other girl her name is claire, and so her boyfriend were " making out " and once my friend caught them she never talked to him again. He even sent her flowers once but she left them there to died on her porch.

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carrie underwood i love you you rock your blownaway album rocks ecpecialy till i see you again your my role modle.

carrie you so rock! i love you! love your songs! send me tickets to all your concerts

carrie you have a beautiful voice. i'm trying to learn how to sing like you. i love you so much carrie!

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she rokes

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