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Carrie Underwood: Blown Away

Blown Away



I LOVE this album, every track. Would be great to see you do a gospel album, maybe even duets with others like Wynonna Judd on it and don't forget to do How Great Thou Art like the Girl's Night Out rendition - absolutely fabulous!!! May the Lord continue to bless you and your work!

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I just love your albums especially the one Jesus take the wheel and blown away love them but i love all your songs they speak to me especially your quitter song i love you Carrie and so does my husband and family

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I Love You Carrie Underwood!!!!
I Love Your Blown Away Album!!!!

Carrie your amazing and don't give up your dream of being a artist you have amazing voice and you are my idol and i can't see you again in concert or on tv when you are at awards shows

woah amazing cd, it has me blown away, you have such a powerful & pure voice that anyone would be blessed to have. You are THE BEST singer out there for sure. for sure a ten out of ten! I love you, and god bless you xx Smiling

Hey Carrie!!! Loved your Blown Away Show!!! Seen you in Toronto!!!

does anyone know if carrie and hunter sing a duest together in the concert?

does anyone know if carrie and hunter sing a duest together in the concert?

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