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I just love your albums especially the one Jesus take the wheel and blown away love them but i love all your songs they speak to me especially your quitter song i love you Carrie and so does my husband and family

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I Love You Carrie Underwood!!!!
I Love Your Blown Away Album!!!!

Carrie your amazing and don't give up your dream of being a artist you have amazing voice and you are my idol and i can't see you again in concert or on tv when you are at awards shows

woah amazing cd, it has me blown away, you have such a powerful & pure voice that anyone would be blessed to have. You are THE BEST singer out there for sure. for sure a ten out of ten! I love you, and god bless you xx Smiling

Hey Carrie!!! Loved your Blown Away Show!!! Seen you in Toronto!!!

does anyone know if carrie and hunter sing a duest together in the concert?

does anyone know if carrie and hunter sing a duest together in the concert?

I love her voice. She is so beautiful I love her to death. I know all her songs and all the words. She is amazing. I wish one day that I get to meet her and say Thank you. She taught me it is okay to let go of the way things were and learn to dance a little in the horrible times. I love Carrie Underwood so much. I think her song Blown Away is my fave. Or Last name. I can't wait until April I get to see her in concert Smiling

Hey Guys, does anyone know if carrie is coming to British Columbia?? (Thats Canada for anyone who doesn't know). Any info would be great.

I would love love love it Carrie if you would come to Kelowna or better yet Penticton!! Laughing out loud
You came for your last tour and I LOVED it!!!!
It would mean a lot if you could make it this way.

Hope to see you soon!! Smiling

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